Etika wins TRFA Excellence in Thermoset Polymer Research Award

Krishna C. Etika was recently named the winner of the Thermoset Resin Formulators Association's (TRFA) first Excellence in Thermoset Polymer Research Award.Etika, a doctoral candidate in the Materials Science and Engineering Program, was honored for his paper, "Utilization of Clay-Carbon Nanoparticle Synergy for Enhancing Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Composites."Formal presentation of the award, which includes a $500 cash award and an award plaque, will take place at the TRFA's 2010 Annual Meeting Sept. 12-14 in San Antonio. Additionally, Etika will present his paper at the meeting and the paper will be posted on TRFA's website.TRFA initiated the award to encourage and recognize advances in the science and engineering of thermosetting polymers. TRFA is comprised of thermoset formulators, raw material suppliers, distributors, equipment manufacturers, manufacture sales representatives of materials or equipment, importers of raw materials or processing or other equipment, consulting firms and academic institutions serving industries which include adhesives, coatings, civil engineering applications, electrical laminates, composites, tooling, castings and moldings.