Fluor recognizes Aggies' plant designs

Three groups of students from Texas A&M University's Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering have been recognized by the Fluor Corporation for their designs of a gas processing plant.Clay Arthur, William Harris, Bryan Holekamp and Grant Martin, are members of the team awarded first place by Fluor for its original design of a gas processing plant that operates per Fluor's specifications and which was undertaken as part of an intense senior-level capstone chemical engineering course taught by John Baldwin, senior lecturer in the department.The team of John Cortines, Mark Deimund, Keaton Hamm and Geoffrey Lau was awarded second place, and the team composed of Edwin Bryson, Joshua Moreno, Trevor Seidel and Michael Tran received third-place honors.The plant design competition, said Baldwin, requires students to conceptualize the comprehensive organization of a process plant. It's a task, he said, that his soon-to-be graduates are almost certain to encounter in some form as they enter their professional careers.This semester, students were tasked with developing a gas processing plant that purifies raw gas from multiple wells to the quality required for pipeline gas and associated products such as liquefied natural gas, sulphur and condensate.Each of the winning teams received a monetary prize from Fluor, this semester's sponsor of the plant design competition, and the first-place team was recognized with a plaque commemorating its achievement.In addition, student teams composed of Texas A&M chemical engineering students and chemical engineering students from the university's branch campus in Doha, Qatar were also recognized by sponsor ExxonMobil for their plant design projects.The international collaboration represented the first-ever partnership between students of the two campuses working on plant design projects and was spearheaded by faculty members from both chemical engineering departments as well as Cesar Malave, associate dean of engineering in the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M.Brittany Brink and Michele Peters of Texas A&M along with Omar Bash and Mohd Kamal of Texas A&M at Qatar, are members of the team awarded first place for its original plant design.Trevor Lane and Daniel Thierry of Texas A&M along with Natalie Hamad and Tahira Newaz of Texas A&M at Qatar received second-place honors.Simon Abramov and Paul Kock of Texas A&M along with Maha Kafood and Sally Nicola of Texas A&M at Qatar were awarded third place.Each of the collaboration teams received a monetary prize from ExxonMobil.Employing a global workforce of more than 46,000 people, Fluor is one of the world's largest, publicly owned engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance services companies. Fluor maintains a network of offices in more than 25 countries across six continents.