Mechanical engineering graduate student to participate in prestigious summer program

Saurabh Bajaj, a graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, will participate in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Computational Chemistry and Materials Science (CCMS) Summer Institute.Texas A&M's Saurabh BajajBajaj will be working under direct supervision of Patrice Turchi, a worldwide leader in the field of alloy theory and ab initio calculations.The program is highly competitive, with hundreds of applicants from some of the best universities in the United States and only 10 students admitted.The Computational Chemistry and Materials Science (CCMS) Summer institute offers graduate students the opportunity to work directly with leading LLNL researchers on the development and application of cutting edge methods in computational materials science, computational chemistry and other related areas of computational science.Each student will spend 10 weeks at LLNL as a guest of an LLNL host scientist working on a computational project in the host's area of expertise. In addition, leading researchers from universities and national labs will give a series of mini-courses for the students. These courses will cover state-of-the-art and emerging computational methods in materials science and chemistry.Bajaj is currently studying under the direction of Dr. Raymundo Arroyave, assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.