Computer science lecture to feature UT's Patt

Dr. Yale N. Patt, professor of electrical and computer engineering and the Ernest Cockrell Jr. Centennial Chair in Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, will give a talk Wednesday (March 31) at 4:10 p.m. in Room 124 of the H.R. Bright Building.Dr. Yale N. PrattPatt's talk, "High Performance Microprocessors ten years from now: What are the problems? How do we solve them?" is part of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering's Distinguished Lecturer Series.An open reception will immediately follow Patt's presentation. Contact Dr. Lawrence Rauchwerger for more information.Patt will also give the lecture "Multi-core, Many-core, Mega-nonsense" Tuesday (March 30) as part of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's Leaders and Innovators Series. The abstract for the talk can be found online.AbstractProcess technology is promising 50 billion transistors on each silicon die within the next few years. Our job: how to harness them to keep on the performance curve we have enjoyed for the last few decades. Everyone knows there are issues with power and energy. Some recognize that there are also new bandwidth and old latency issues. What else? In this talk, I hope to discuss some of the issues and suggest what the microprocessor of the future may look like. I will also indicate the role education must play if we are to be successful.Biography Yale Patt is a teacher at The University of Texas at Austin, where he enjoys equally teaching the required intro to computing course to more than 400 freshmen, and the advanced graduate course in microarchitecture to prepare students for Ph.D. research and/or positions on chip design teamsin industry. Years ago he earned the appropriate degrees from reputable universities, and more recently has received more than enough awards for his research and teaching. For those who are interested, details can be found on his Web site.