Swaminathan Gopalswamy

Professor of Practice


Office: MEOB 216
Phone: 979.845.7270

Research Interests

– Model Based Control, Embedded Systems and Software Engineering for Mechatronic Systems, Mechatronic System Safety and Reliability

– Application interests: Autonomous Vehicle Systems (ground and aerial vehicles), Energy Systems, Robotics


  • Ph.D. 1991 — Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley. “Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Non-minimum Phase Systems”
  • M.S. 1989 — Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley. “Longitudinal Control of High Performance Aircraft”
  • B.Tech 1987 — Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (Chennai), India. “Design and Build of an RCR0CR (3D crank-rocker) mechanism for maximum rock angle”

Selected Publications

J. Karl Hedrick and Swaminathan Gopalswamy, "Nonlinear flight control design via sliding methods", Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, Vol. 13, No. 5 (1990), pp. 850-858. doi: 10.2514/3.25411

Swaminathan Gopalswamy and J. Karl Hedrick, “Tracking nonlinear non-minimum phase systems using sliding control”, International Journal of Control - INT J CONTR 01/1993; 57(5):1141-1158. DOI:10.1080/00207179308934436

G. Raghav, S. Gopalswamy, K. Radhakrishnan, J. Delange and J. Hugues, “Model Based Code Generation for Distributed Embedded Systems”, in Proceedings of European Conference on Embedded Real Time Software and Systems, Toulouse, France, May 2010

John Absmeier, Tuhin Das, Swaminathan Gopalswamy, Ravi S. Paike, “Development of an Automated Control System Verification Platform for a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell”, Proc. ASME. 42479; ASME 2006 Fourth International Conference on Fuel Cell Science, Engineering and Technology, Irvine, CA, June 2006

Tetsuji Kozaki, Hiroshi Mori, Hosam K. Fathy, Swaminathan Gopalswamy, “ Balancing the Speed and Fidelity of Automotive Powertrain Models Through Surrogation”, Proceedings of Dynamic Systems and Control, Anaheim, CA, November 2004.