Allaire, Douglas

Assistant Professor

Office: MEOB 425
Phone: 979-458-9889
Email: dallaire@tamu.edu

Aaron Ames

Ames, Aaron

Associate Professor
Morris E. Foster Faculty Fellow II

Office: 220A MEOB
Phone: 979.845.5243
Email: aames@tamu.edu

N.K. Anand

Anand, N.K.

Executive Associate Dean of Engineering
Associate Director, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station
Regents Professor
James M. and Ada Sutton Forsyth Professor

Office: 312 ADMN
Phone: 979.845-5633
Email: nkanand@tamu.edu

Kalyan Annamalai

Annamalai, Kalyan

G. Paul Pepper Professor

Office: 307 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.2562
Email: kannamalai@tamu.edu

Debjyoti Banerjee

Banerjee, Debjyoti

Associate Professor
Leland T. Jordan Career Development Professor

Office: 310 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.4500
Email: dbanerjee@tamu.edu

Jerald Caton

Caton, Jerald

Gulf Oil/Thomas A. Dietz Professor

Office: 306 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.4705
Email: jcaton@tamu.edu

Dara Childs

Childs, Dara

Leland T. Jordan Chair Professor
Regents Professor
Director of Turbomachinery Laboratory

Office: 115 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.7417
Email: dchilds@tamu.edu

David Claridge

Claridge, David

Leland T. Jordan Professor
Director of Energy Systems Laboratory

Office: 327 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.1280
Email: dclaridge@tamu.edu

Swaroop Darbha

Darbha, Swaroop


Office: 521 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.2238
Email: dswaroop@tamu.edu

Felts, Jonathan

Felts, Jonathan

Assistant Professor

Office: 311 MEOB
Phone: 979.868.3580
Email: jonathan.felts@tamu.edu

Freed, Alan

Freed, Alan


Office: 218 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.4460
Email: afreed@tamu.edu

Goenezen, Sevan

Goenezen, Sevan

Assistant Professor

Office: 430 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.2786
Email: sgoenezen@tamu.edu

Jaime Grunlan

Grunlan, Jaime

Linda & Ralph Schmidt ’68 Professor

Office: 219 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.3027
Email: jgrunlan@tamu.edu

Je-Chin Han

Han, Je-Chin

Distinguished Professor
Marcus C. Esterling Chair

Office: 303 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.3738
Email: jc-han@tamu.edu

Karl Hartwig

Karl “Ted” Hartwig


Phone: 979-845-1585
Email: thartwig@tamu.edu

Harry Hogan

Hogan, Harry

Associate Professor

Office: 214 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.1538
Email: hhogan@tamu.edu


Hur, Pilwon

Assistant Professor

Office: 222 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.4461
Email: pilwonhur@tamu.edu

Tim Jacobs

Jacobs, Tim

Undergraduate Program Director
Associate Professor
Steve Brauer, Jr. ’02 Faculty Fellow

Office: 309 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.4355
Email: tjjacobs@tamu.edu

Won-jong Kim

Kim, Won-jong

Associate Professor

Office: 223 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.3645
Email: wjkim@tamu.edu

Yong-Joe Kim

Kim, Yong-Joe

Pioneer Natural Resources Faculty Fellow II
Assistant Professor

Office: 315 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.9779
Email: joekim@tamu.edu

Waruna Kulatilaka

Kulatilaka, Waruna

Associate Professor

Office: 407 MEOB
Phone: 979.458.2885
Email: waruna.kulatilaka@tamu.edu

Tom Lalk

Lalk, Thomas

Associate Professor

Office: 312 MEOB
Phone: 979.845-4734
Email: tlalk@tamu.edu

Reza Langari

Langari, Reza

Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution (Department Head)

Office: 417 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.6918
Email: rlangari@tamu.edu

Sai Lau

Lau, Sai


Office: 318 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.0171
Email: sclau@tamu.edu

Lee, Sungyon

Lee, Sungyon

Assistant professor

Office: 428 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.4201
Email: sungyon.lee@tamu.edu


Li, Ying

Pioneer Natural Resources Faculty Fellow III
Associate Professor

Office: 322 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.4465
Email: yingli@tamu.edu

Hong Liang

Liang, Hong


Office: 323 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.2623
Email: hliang@tamu.edu

Richard Malak

Malak, Richard

Assistant Professor
Morris E. Foster Faculty Fellow I

Office: 325 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.1919
Email: rmalak@tamu.edu

Dan McAdams

McAdams, Daniel A.

Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director

Office: 411 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.7834
Email: dmcadams@tamu.edu

Moreno, Michael

Moreno, Michael

Assistant Professor

Office: 528 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.8500
Email: michael.moreno@tamu.edu

Gerald Morrison

Morrison, Gerald


Office: 119 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.5414
Email: gmorrison@tamu.edu

Partha Mukherjee

Mukherjee, Partha

Assistant Professor

Office: 316 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.6498
Email: pmukherjee@tamu.edu

Anastasia Muliana

Muliana, Anastasia

Associate Professor

Office: 228 MEOB
Phone: 979.458.3579
Email: amuliana@tamu.edu

Alan Palazzolo

Palazzolo, Alan

Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Research Professor

Office: 123 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.5280
Email: a-palazzolo@tamu.edu

Alexander Parlos

Parlos, Alexander


Office: 116 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.2060
Email: aparlos@tamu.edu

Michael Pate

Pate, Michael


Office: 317 MEOB
Phone: 979.458.2264
Email: mpate@tamu.edu

Eric Petersen

Petersen, Eric

Nelson-Jackson Professor

Office: 418 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.1257
Email: epetersen@tamu.edu


Polycarpou, Andreas A.

Department Head
Meinhard H. Kotzebue '14 Professor

Office: 100 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.5337
Email: apolycarpou@tamu.edu

Kumbakonam Rajagopal

Rajagopal, Kumbakonam

J.M Forsyth Chair
Regents Professor
Distinguished Professor

Office: 525 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.4552
Email: krajagopal@tamu.edu

Bryan Rasmussen

Rasmussen, Bryan

Associate Professor

Office: 304 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.2776
Email: brasmussen@tamu.edu

Sivakumar Rathinam

Rathinam, Sivakumar

Assistant Professor

Office: 506 MEOB
Phone: 979.458.3578
Email: srathinam@tamu.edu

J.N. Reddy

Reddy, J.N.

Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. Chair
Regents Professor
Distinguished Professor

Office: 404 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.2417
Email: jnreddy@tamu.edu

Luis San Andres

San Andres, Luis

Mast-Childs Chair

Office: 117 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.4744
Email: lsanandres@tamu.edu

Taher Schobeiri

Schobeiri, Meinhard

Oscar S. Wyatt Professor

Office: 120 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.0819
Email: tschobeiri@tamu.edu

Arun Srinivasa

Srinivasa, Arun

Associate Department Head
Holdredge/Paul Professor

Office: 505 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.3999
Email: asrinivasa@tamu.edu

David Staack

Staack, David

Pioneer Natural Resources Faculty Fellow I
Assistant Professor

Office: 328 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.4063
Email: dstaack@tamu.edu

Andrea Strzelec

Strzelec, Andrea

Assistant Professor

Office: 320 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.3367
Email: astrzelec@tamu.edu

Steve Suh

Suh, Steve

Associate Professor

Office: 215 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.1417
Email: ssuh@tamu.edu


Tai, Bruce

Assistant Professor

Office: MEOB 413
Phone: 979.458.9888
Email: btai@tamu.edu

Sy-Bor Wen

Wen, Sy-Bor

Associate Professor

Office: 113 MEOB
Phone: 979.458.0110
Email: syborwen@tamu.edu

Choongho Yu

Yu, Choongho

Gulf/Oil Thomas A. Dietz Career Development Professor II
Associate Professor

Office: 321 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.1073
Email: chyu@tamu.edu

Xinghang Zhang

Zhang, Xinghang

Gulf Oil/Thomas A. Dietz Career Development Professor I
Associate Professor

Office: 326 MEOB
Phone: 979.845.2143
Email: zhangx@tamu.edu