Suitable Projects

Suitable Projects for a Texas A&M Senior Design Project

Some example problem statements given to us a starting point in the past are below. Both of these resulted in successful projects from both sponsor and student perspective. 

Example 1: Climb Assist System

Descriptive Statement: Operations both in urban and rugged terrain sometimes call for climbing buildings or steep mountain faces. Typically a grapple and climbing rope is used to assist troops in scaling these obstacles, but grapples are not effective in many instances due to the lack of a grappling hold, or the long distance needed to throw the grapple/rope is beyond the capability of the troops.

What is needed is a system to allow troops, with their equipment, to scale buildings or mountain faces under a variety of conditions, efficiently and effectively. 

Example 2: Service Simulation System

Descriptive Statement: A service simulation tank system is needed to perform extended product integrity testing in conditions that replicate subsea field conditions, including internal production and external temperatures, production and ocean flow characteristics, and fluid compositions of both production fluids and salt water. This chamber will be used to gather experimental data that will be correlated with complex mechanical and CFD computer models for validation purposes. The intent is to validate the computer simulations with empirical data so that the computer simulations can be a primary means for design and validation.

Boundary conditions including temperatures and flow characteristics will need to be controlled and maintained over long periods of time with a dedicated automation hardware/software systems and facility attributes. Additionally, instrumentation and data acquisition systems will need to be developed such that accurate empirical data can be captured, and then correlated with computer simulations. Safety, heavy lifting and handling and inspection/maintenance considerations will all need to be addressed to ensure safety and quality of testing. 


Additional project examples