Vishal Modi


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Class of: 2019

Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas

Why did you choose mechanical engineering? 
There were a number of factors that led to my decision to choose Mechanical Engineering but the most important was my interest in automotive engineering. Another major plus of Mechanical Engineering in my opinion is the versatility a degree in mechanical engineering offers.

Why did you choose Texas A&M University? 
I chose TAMU over other universities because it is a great university especially when it comes to engineering and it has an especially strong mechanical engineering program. The environment/people at A&M are also one of a kind which makes students feel at home and the Aggie Network provides plenty of opportunities.

What was the best part of your experience in the Texas A&M MEEN department? 
The best part of my experience in the MEEN Department has been getting to know various students, faculty, and staff. As a first-year student in MEEN, I got to take classes where all the other students were also in MEEN allowing me to meet new people. On top of that, working at the advising office has allowed me to get to know and interact with various faculty and staff members.

Why did you become a MEEN Ambassador? 
I became a MEEN ambassador so that I could meet with and talk to prospective students about Mechanical Engineering in general and the program at A&M. I would also love to share my knowledge and experiences with other students.

What research, work, and/or study abroad experiences have you had? 
I work as a student assistant in the MEEN advising office which allows me to interact with various students and faculty. Over the summer, I also interned with GE Aviation as a manufacturing engineering intern.

If you could give one piece of advice to incoming MEEN students, what would it be? 
My one piece of advice to incoming students would be to take advantage of the resources provided by the department. This includes using the labs, study areas, peer tutors, but, most importantly, professor’s office hours.

What organizations are you a part of or have you been a part of? Have you or do you currently hold an officer position? 
I am involved with the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE), Engineering Honors, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. I am an officer for SASE and am a member of the student executive committee for engineering honors.

Are you a transfer student? Did you participate in the entry to major process?