Marcell Harmati


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Class of: 2018

Hometown: Miskolc, Hungary

Why did you choose mechanical engineering? 
Whether I would like to become a prosthesis designer, drilling and completions engineer, test experimental propulsion systems, or provide clean energy for developing countries, the possibilities with a degree in Mechanical Engineering are endless. Mechanical engineers have the knowledge and expertise to change the world in incredible ways and I would like to become a part of the legacy left behind by great mechanical engineers before me. 

Why did you choose Texas A&M University? 
When I moved to the United States in 2011, Texas A&M meant not much more to me than the "ATM" on bumper stickers. I knew nothing about the university other than that it has great engineering programs and many of my high school friends were applying. Although I had intentions of attending other universities, I believe that the opportunities and experiences I have had as an Aggie have been invaluable.

What was the best part of your experience in the Texas A&M MEEN department? 
During my freshman year, forming study groups was intimidating as many of the classes were designed to be general and integrate several different areas of study. However, as I have progressed through the curriculum, seeing familiar faces in my classes and having up to three or four classes with the same people has made making friends and learning new things easier. 

Why did you become a MEEN Ambassador? 
I am a firm believer in learning from mistakes. However, no-one ever said that the mistakes have to be your own. As a MEEN Ambassador, I am able to pass on the lessons learned from my experiences throughout my undergraduate career and allow others to succeed in their academics, organizations, and future careers.

What research, work, and/or study abroad experiences have you had? 
Having spent a significant portion of my life in Europe, I am intrinsically drawn toward international work, study, and research opportunities. While most of my university-level studies have taken place at Texas A&M, I have studied abroad in Spain, had internships in Germany and Scotland, and am hoping to pursue postgraduate studies in Switzerland. 

If you could give one piece of advice to incoming MEEN students, what would it be? 
Do not be afraid to get involved in something that does not seem appealing at first. For three years, I was an executive in an organization which I was pressured into joining by my freshman-year roommate. At first, the idea of joining an organization to promote international awareness seemed silly, since I have lived all of my life abroad. However, my international experience actually made me a stronger team-player and more passionate about the work. The doors that have been opened and connections made throughout my time in the MSC L.T. Jordan Institute have been amazing.

What organizations are you a part of or have you been a part of? Have you or do you currently hold an officer position? 
MSC Freshmen in Service and Hosting
MSC L.T. Jordan Institute for International Awareness - Fellows Program Executive
Texas A&M Triathlon Team
Mechanical Engineering Honor Society (Pi Tau Sigma)

Are you a transfer student? Did you participate in the entry to major process? 
Yes, I participated in ETAM, though it was slightly different than it is currently.