Griffin Judge



Major: Mechanical Engineering

Class of: 2019

Hometown: Houston, Tx

Why did you choose mechanical engineering? 
I am very interested in the aerospace industry, and it took me a long while to decide to pursue a BSME. After talking with my engineering friends and parents, who are both engineers, I decided to go with mechanical engineering because it's an extremely diverse degree. I can take this degree almost any direction in industry that I would like to. For some reason, if i end up not liking aerospace, or if the industry takes a downturn, I can go into automotive, HVAC, combustion, oil and gas or consulting. the world is at my fingertips with a degree in mechanical engineering. 

Why did you choose Texas A&M University? 
Texas A&M has been my university since I was very young. I attended my first football game in 2002 when the Aggies took down OU. I went to quite a few sporting events in general growing up, and I always loved the atmosphere of A&M. As I got older, I started talking some campus tours and hearing about Old Army and campus life in the 80's from my parents. They'd tell stories of G. Rollie White Coliseum, playing 42 at the Dixie Chicken, Kyle Feild and the MSC. I just knew this was the place for me. Lots of people come here for the prestige of the degree. I think I came here for the amazing traditions, the really cool sense of familythat's instilled before you even set foot on campus your first semester (Go to Fish Camp). the Aggie Network opens so many doors for involvement, campus life and careers.

What was the best part of your experience in the Texas A&M MEEN department? 

Why did you become a MEEN Ambassador? 

What research, work, and/or study abroad experiences have you had? 

If you could give one piece of advice to incoming MEEN students, what would it be?

What organizations are you a part of or have you been a part of? Have you or do you currently hold an officer position? 

Are you a transfer student? Did you participate in the entry to major process?