Brett Lepicier


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Class of: 2018

Hometown: Southlake, Texas

Why did you choose mechanical engineering? 
Mechanical Engineering has core fundamentals that is used in many real world applications. A general understanding or even a mechanical engineering "mindset" is lucrative in every industry, including business applications. It begins to explain why and how things work. For me specifically, I enjoy working with rotating pieces of equipment that convert different forms of energy to a desired output.

Why did you choose Texas A&M University? 
The recruitment from the engineering program at Texas A&M is known globally. The biggest and most well-known companies reserve spots for internships and full-time positions for Texas A&M students specifically. Alongside the industry opportunities, it is a place that fosters growth - everyone around you wants to perform at your full potential.

What was the best part of your experience in the Texas A&M MEEN department? 
Collaboration has been the best experience. Establishing study groups, receiving assistance from professors, and working with the advising office to understand the different paths I can take in my curriculum are just a few examples that show how everyone is willing to help. 

Why did you become a MEEN Ambassador? 
The purpose of my work is to help society and provide opportunities for others. I enjoy providing guidance to individuals on challenges that I once faced. Seeing others perform well due to your mentor-ship is very self-rewarding. 

What research, work, and/or study abroad experiences have you had? 
For work, I have most of my experience in the oil and gas industry. I have worked as a project engineer for TransCanada and as a mechanical engineer intern for Phillips 66.

For studying abroad, I visited Greece for engineering ethics over winter break. It was the one of the best experiences of my life. The Texas A&M Study abroad does a great job organizing fun and impact events. Also, I have developed many deep friendships.

If you could give one piece of advice to incoming MEEN students, what would it be? 
Many students want to be a mechanical engineer from Texas A&M University. The important piece is to seek help and do something you enjoy. Establishing a firm study group is what will get you through this curriculum. School can get very stressful so it is important to keep up with your hobbies as this actually improves performance.

What organizations are you a part of or have you been a part of? Have you or do you currently hold an officer position? 
2016-2017: President of American Society of Mechanical Engineers
2017-2018: President of Mechanical Engineering Leadership Council

Are you a transfer student? Did you participate in the entry to major process? 
I participated in the entry to major process. Very beneficial program as you have time to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life without spending multiple years changing majors in college.