Department Leadership Team

For leadership related issues please call 979.845.1251 or email Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Andreas A. Polycarpou

  • Department Head 
    James J. Cain Chair in Mechanical Engineering
    Meinhard H. Kotzebue '14 Professor
  • For inquiries contact: Kate Goodman
  • Assistant to the Department Head
Jerald Caton

Dr. Jerald Caton

  • Interim Associate Department Head
  • Gulf Oil/Thomas A. Dietz Professor
  • For inquires contact:
  • Lindy Boss
Tillie McVay

Dr. Tillie McVay

  • Undergraduate Program Director
  • Associate Professor of Instruction
  • For inquires contact:
  • Jeanea Karlin

Dr. Daniel A. McAdams

  • Graduate Program Director
  • Robert H. Fletcher Professor
  • For inquires contact:
  • Sandra Havens