Miladin Radovic

Associate Professor

Director, Materials Characterization Facility

Miladin Radovic

Office: RDMC 213
Phone: 979.845.5114
Fax: 979.845.3081

Curriculum Vitae
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Research Interests

  • High temperature materials for energy applications
  • Processing of advanced ceramic materials
  • Characterization and modeling of mechanical properties of ceramic and metallic materials
  • Reliability and durability of ceramic materials and components
  • Processing and characterization of materials for Fuel Cells
  • Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy

Awards & Honors

  • 2006 Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America
  • 2005 Author of Microphotographs chosen for on the ASM official screen server
  • 2004 Cover of the Journal of American Ceramic Society
  • 2002 ASM-ITS 2002 International Metallographic Contest – Honorable Mention
  • 2001 1st Place in Student poster presentation category for poster presented at 2001 Cocoa Beach Conference
  • 2001 Scholarship for the Gordon Research Conference – Solid State Studies in Ceramics.
  • 2001 A.W. Grosvenor Award for Academic Performance, Department of Materials Engineering, Drexel University.
  • 2000 Sigma Xi Award for the Presentation of Research Results at Drexel and MCP Hahnemann Universities Research Day, Drexel University.
  • 1993 Stipend for Talented Young Scientist awarded by the Ministry for Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia.


  • Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, Jun 2001
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia, Sep 1997
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia, July 1992

Selected Publications

M. Radovic, M.W. Barsoum, A. Ganguly, T. Zhen, P. Finkel, S. R. Kalidindi and E. Lara-Curzio “On the Elastic Properties and Mechanical Damping of Ti3SiC2, Ti3GeC2, Ti3Si0.5Al0.5C2 and Ti2AlC, in the 300-1573 K Temperature Range”, Acta. Mat. 54 (2006) 2757-2767

T. Zhen, M. W. Barsoum and S. R. Kalidindi, M. Radovic, Z. M. Sun and T. El-Raghy, “Compressive Creep of Fine and Coarse-Grained T3SiC2 in Air in the 1100 to 1300 °C Temperature Range”, Acta. Mater. 53 (2005) 4963-4973

M. Barsoum, M. Radovic, T. Zhen, P. Finkel and S. Kalidindi, “Dynamic Elastic Hysteretic Solids and Dislocations”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 94 (2005) 085501-1

S.K. Khanna, X. Long, W.D. Porter, H. Wang, C.O. Stevens, M. Radovic and E. Lara-Curzio, “Determination of Thermophysical and Thermomechanical Properties of 5754 and 6111 Aluminum Alloys for Spot Welding Simulation Application”, Sci. and Tech. of Welding and Joining 10 (2005) 82

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M. Radovic, E. Lara-Curzio, L. Rieser, "Comparison of Different Experimental Techniques for Determination of Elastic Properties of Solids", Mater. Sci. Eng. 368 (2004) 56-70

M. Radovic, M.W. Barsoum, T. El-Raghy, S. Wiederhorn, "Tensile Creep of Coarse Grained Ti3SiC2 in the 1000-1200 oC Temperature Range", accepted in J. of Alloys and Compounds 361 (2003) 299-312

M.W. Barsoum, T. Zhen, S. Kalidindi, M. Radovic and A. Murugaiah, “Fully Reversible Plasticity Up to 1 GPa in Ti3SiC2”, Nature Materials 2 (2003) 107-111

M. W. Barsoum, L. H. Ho-Duc, M. Radovic and T. El-Raghy, “Long Time oxidation Study of Ti3SiC2, Ti3SiC2/SiC and Ti3SiC2/TiC Composites in Air”, J Electrochem. Soc. 150 (2003) 166-175

M. Radovic, M.W. Barsoum, T. El-Raghy, S. Wiederhorn and W. Luecke, “Effect of Temperature, Strain Rate and Grain Size on the Mechanical Response of Ti3SiC2 in Tension”, Acta Mat. 50 (2002) 1297-1306

M. Radovic, M.W. Barsoum, T. El-Raghy, S. Wiederhorn, "Tensile Creep of Fine Grained Ti3SiC2 in the 1000-1200 oC Temperature Range", Acta Mat. 49 (2001) 4103-4112

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