Designated Electives Prior to Fall 2014

Course Number                         Course Title
AERO 603/MEMA 602    Continuum Mechanics
AERO 618/MEMA 626 Mechanics of Active Materials
BIOL 602** Fundamental Transmission Electron Microscopy
BIOL 604** Fundamental Scanning Electron Microscopy/Environmental SEM
BMEN 601 Foundations of Biomedical Engineering Analysis
BMEN 620 Bio-optical Imaging
BMEN 635 Biomaterials Compatibility
BMEN 660 Vascular Mechanics
BMEN 661 Cardiac Mechanics
BMEN 682 Polymeric Biomaterials
CHEM 601 Analytical Chemistry I
CHEM 602 Analytical Chemistry II
CHEM 619 Analytical Spectroscopy
CHEM 621 Chemical Kinetics
CHEM 623 Surface Chemistry
CHEM 626 Thermodynamics
CHEM 631 Statistical Thermodynamics
CHEM 634 Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 635 Introduction to X-Ray Diffraction Methods
CHEM 647 Spectra of Organic Compounds
CHEM 671 Macromolecular Folding and Design
CHEN 623 Applications of Thermodynamics to Chemical Engineering
CHEN 633 Theory of Mixtures
CHEN 640 Rheology
CHEN 641 Polymer Engineering
CHEN 643 Applied Statistical Mechanics of Fluids
CHEN 651 Biochemical Engineering
CHEN 675 Microelectronics process engineering
CVEN 614 Stabilization of soil-aggregate systems
CVEN 622 Properties of Concrete
CVEN 653 Bituminous Materials
ECEN 631 Fiber Optic Devices
ECEN 640 Thin Film Science and Technology
ECEN 656 Physical Electronics
ECEN 657 Quantum Electronics
ECEN 664 Nanotechnology Fabrication
ECEN 671 Solid State Devices
ECEN 672 Semiconductor Lasers and Photo Detectors
ECEN 673 Fundamentals of Microelectronics
ECEN 675 Integrated Optoelectronics
ECEN 678 Statistical Optics
GEOL 643 Introduction to Electron Microprobe Analysis
MEEN 467 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MEEN 475 Materials in Design
MEEN 603/MEMA 601 Theory of Elasticity
MEEN 606 Polymer Laboratories
MEEN 608/MEMA 602 Continuum Mechanics
MEEN 610/MEMA 610 Applied Polymer Science
MEEN 615 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics
MEEN 631 Microscale Thermodynamics
MEEN 686/MSEN 689 Composites Processing
MEEN 635/MEMA 607 Flow and Fracture of Polymeric Solids
MEEN 657/MEMA 651 Viscoelasticity of Solids and Structures
MEEN 661/MEMA 613 Principles of Composite Materials
MEEN 666/MEMA 641 Plasticity Theory
MEMA 604 Mathematical Foundations of Continuum Mechanics
MEMA 611 Fundamentals of Engineering Fracture Mechanics
MEMA 614 Physical Phenomena in Materials
MEMA 616 Damage and Failure in Composite Materials
MEMA 625 Micromechanics
MEMA 626 Mechanics of Active Materials
MEMA 635 Structural Analysis of Composites
MEMA 646 Introduction to Finite Elements
MSEN 601 Fundamental Materials Science and Engineering (required for MS and 96-hour Ph.D.; elective for 64-hour Ph.D.)
MSEN 602 Advanced Materials Science and Engineering (elective for MS; required for Ph.D.)
MSEN 603 Fundamentals of Bio- and Soft Materials (elective for M.S.; required for Ph.D.)
MSEN 604 Quantum Mechanics for Materials Scientists and Engineers
MSEN 606/AERO 606 Multifunctional Materials
MSEN 607/MEEN 607 Polymer Physical Properties
MSEN/AERO/MEMA 608 Nanomechanics
MSEN 615* Fundamentals of Corrosion
MSEN/MEEN 616 Surface Science
MSEN 620 Kinetic Processes of Materials
MSEN 625/MEEN 625 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MSEN 640/MEEN 640 Thermodynamics in Materials Science
MSEN 656/MEEN 656 Mechanical and Physical Properties of Thin Films
MSEN 658/MEEN 658 Fundamentals of Ceramics
MSEN 689 Failure Mechanisms in Composites
MSEN 689 Fundamentals of Crystallography and Symmetry Related Material
MSEN 670/CHEN 670 Computational Materials Science and Engineering
NUEN 662 Nuclear Materials Under Extreme Conditions
PHYS 304 Advanced Electricity and Magnetism I
PHYS 305 Advanced Electricity and Magnetism II
PHYS 408 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 412 Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS 414 Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS 603 Electromagnetic Theory I
PHYS 606 Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS 607 Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 611 Electromagnetic Theory II
PHYS 617 Physics of Solid State
PHYS 624 Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS 631 Quantum Theory of Solids
PHYS 632 Condensed Matter Theory
PHYS 633 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 648 Quantum Optics and Laser Physics
PHYS 666 Scientific Instrument Making

*tentative course number still waiting for approval – this course might appear as MSEN689 or with another MSEN designation number in the course catalogue.

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Note: MSEN 684, 685, 691 do not count as free electives.