Master of Engineering

The requirements below pertain to students starting the program prior ro Fall 2014. For students starting Fall 2014 or after, there are different requirements.

Undergraduate or graduate leveling courses, assigned on an individual basis, as needed (0-12 Credits)

MSEN 601 - Fundamental Materials Science and Engineering 4
MSEN 604 - Quantum Mechanics for Materials Scientists (Prerequisite: MATH 311, MATH 601, or approval of instructor; graduate classification.) 3
Designated Electives - Three courses from the designated electives list 9-12
Free Electives - 2; on an individual basis, the student will consult with his/her committee chair to choose additional courses appropriate to research area 6-8
Mathematics - One mathematics course selected from MATH 601 or other graduate-level mathematics course. MATH 311, PHYS 615, PHYS 616, CHEN 604 3
Directed studies - Maximum 3 hours 1-3
MSEN 681 - Seminar 1
Total Semester Credit Hours Required for Degree30


  • MSEN 684, 685, 691 do not count as free electives.
  • The College of Engineering stipulates that MS students with no degree plan on file will be blocked from registration after completion of 9 credit hours.