M. Sam Mannan

Professor (Courtesy Appointment)

Regents Professor

Holder of the Michael T. O'Connor Chair

Director, Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center

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Office: 246 Brown Engineering
Phone: 979.862.3985
Fax: 979.845.6446
Email: mannan@tamu.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Dr. Mannan's research interests include abnormal situation management, aerosol research, inherently safer design, quantitative risk assessment, reactive chemicals, modeling of silane releases, LNG safety and design and flammability research. As director of the Mary Kay O' Connor Process Safety Center, Dr. Mannan has served as a consultant to numerous entities in both the academic and private sectors. He also has testified before the U.S. Congress on multiple occasions, lending his expertise on matters of national security as it relates to chemical safety and infrastructure.

Awards & Honors

  • Holder of the T. Michael O'Connor Chair
  • Norton H. Walton/ Russell L. Miller Award, Safety and Health Division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2009
  • Regents Professor Award, 2007-2008, Texas A&M System Board of Regents
  • Medal of Honor, Technical University of Lodz, Poland, 2008
  • Fellow, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2007
  • George Armistead, Jr. '23 Fellow, 2004-2005, Texas A&M University College of Engineering, Texas A&M University
  • Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching, The Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University, 2003.
  • George Armistead, Jr. '23 Fellow, 2003-2004, Texas A&M University College of Engineering, Texas A&M University.
  • Consultant to Columbia Accident Investigation Board, 2003.
  • Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Research Fellow, 2002.
  • Service to Society, 2000 Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
  • Quality Recognition Award from PPG Industries, Inc.


  • Ph.D., 1986, Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
  • M.S., 1983, Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
  • B.S., 1978, Chemical Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Selected Publications

Wei, C., W.J. Rogers, and M.S. Mannan, "Understanding Reactive Hazards using Molecular Simulation: Mechanisms of Hydroxylamine Decomposition," Chemical Engineering Communications, vol. 194, no. 5, May 2007, pp. 579-585.

Narayanan, D., Y. Zhang, and M.S. Mannan, "Engineering for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Bio-Diesel Production," Transactions of the Institute of Chemical Engineers, Part B, Process Safety and Environmental Protection, vol. 85, no. B5, September 2007, pp. 349-359.

Mannan, M.S., H.H. West, and P.C. Berwanger, "Lessons Learned from Recent Incidents:Facility Siting, Atmospheric Venting, and Operator Information Systems," Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, vol. 20, Issues 4-6, July-November 2007, pp. 644-650.

Al-Mutairi, E.M., J.A. Suardin, M.S. Mannan and M.M. El-Halwagi, "An Optimization Approach to the Integration of Inherently-Safer Design and Process Scheduling," Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, vol. 21, Issue 5, September 2008, pp. 543-549.

Henning, J. B., C.J. Stufft, S.C. Payne, M.E. Bergman, N. Keren, and M.S. Mannan, (in press). "The influence of individual differences on organizational safety attitudes," Safety Science.

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Mannan, M., D.B. Pfenning and C.D. Zinn, "Risk Analysis Procedures Ensure System Safety", Oil & Gas Journal, June 3, 1991, p. 83-87, June 10, 1991, p. 34-35.