Dinakar Sagapuram

Assistant Professor

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Office: 4068 ETB
Phone: 979.458.2370
Email: dinakar@tamu.edu

Curriculum Vitae
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Research Interests

Dr. Sagapuram focuses his teaching and research in advanced structural materials, materials processing, manufacturing and tribology. Specific topics of interest include mechanics of large-strain plasticity, plastic flow instabilities, localization and failure mechanisms with application to cutting and metal deformation processes; and process mechanics-structure-property relationships in lightweight alloy systems. His group integrates analytical and computational models with high-speed imaging, image analysis and other in-situ experimental tools to understand physical mechanisms that govern material deformation and process mechanics at micro to macro length-scales.

Awards & Honors

  • Indiana state winner and national runner-up in the US Department of Energy Clean Energy Trust Challenge business plan competition (with M. Efe, W. Moscoso, and B. Kalb), 2012
  • TMS Light Metals Division Magnesium Technology Award (best student paper), 2012


  • Ph.D., Materials Engineering, Purdue University, 2013
  • B.Tech., Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India, 2009

Selected Publications

D. Sagapuram, K. Viswanathan, A. Mahato, N. K. Sundaram, R. M'Saoubi, K. P. Trumble, and S. Chandrasekar. Geometric flow control of shear bands by suppression of viscous sliding. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 472:20160167, 2016

D. Sagapuram, M. Efe, K. P. Trumble, and S. Chandrasekar. Flow transitions and flow localization in large-strain deformation of magnesium alloy. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 659:295-305, 2016

D. Sagapuram, H. Yeung, Y. Guo, A. Mahato, R. M’Saoubi, W. D. Compton, K. P. Trumble, and S. Chandrasekar. On control of flow instabilities in cutting of metals. CIRP Annals–Manufacturing Technology, 64:49-52, 2015

D. Sagapuram, Z. Wang, and C. Saldana. Thermal stability of nanotwinned and nanocrystalline microstructures produced by cryogenic shear deformation. Philosophical Magazine, 94:3413-3430, 2014

D. Sagapuram, M. Efe, W. Moscoso, S. Chandrasekar, and K. P. Trumble. Controlling texture in magnesium alloy sheet by shear-based deformation processing. Acta Materialia, 61:6843-6856, 2013