Program Outcomes Mapped to Program Educational Objectives

Program OutcomeCoursesObjective 1: Successful in improving operations by solving complex industrial engineering problems.Objective 2: Demonstrate professional leadership.Objective 3: Instilled with the motivation and ability to accomplish professional lifelong learning.
Outcome A: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering All courses X

Outcome B: Design and conduct experiments ISEN 314, 424, 459 X

Outcome C: Design a system, component, or process within realistic constraints ISEN 314, 416, 459 X

Outcome D: Function on multidisciplinary teams ISEN 314, 416, 459 X X
Outcome E: Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems All courses X

Outcome F: Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility ISEN 459 X X
Outcome G: Communicate effectively ISEN 416, 420, 424, 459 X X
Outcome H: Impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context ISEN 459 X X X
Outcome I: Lifelong learning ISEN 416, 459 X
Outcome J: Contemporary issues ISEN 459 X X X
Outcome K: Use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools for engineering practice All courses X