• Lab. Room #: 1027, Emerging Technologies Building
  • Lab. Supervisor's Name: TBD
  • Regular hours: No general hours.  Arranged as-needed on a class or project basis.
  • General Lab. Activities: The lab is setup as a flexible manufacturing system with small-scale (table-top) manufacturing equipment.  It is used for demonstration purposes, laboratory projects on CAD/CAM, programmable logic control, robotics, etc., and for research on operational planning, scheduling, and shop-floor control of advanced manufacturing systems.
  •  Major equipment: Shuttleworth conveyor; Eshed Scorbot robot; IBM 7535 robot; Adept robot; Hercus mill; Prolight lathe; Prolight mills (2)
  •  # of Workstations: Six Pentium-class computers used for low-level equipment control and communication
  • Classes supported by the Lab:
    INEN 455 and 655, and 656. Other courses as needed for selected topics and/or demonstrations.
  • More info and pictures available at http://tamcam.tamu.edu/