Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Programs in Civil Engineering are offered in following countries:


Faculty-led Maymester 2018

Course(s) Offered: CVEN 322

This 3-week Program will be located in Rome, widely recognized as one of the most culturally rich cities in the world. The Program will be led by Dr. Luca Quadrifoglio

France: Mechanics of Material (ENSAM)

Faculty-led Program(offered in June, 2018)
Course(s) Offered: CVEN 305

This course is taught by Dr. Harry A. Hogan.


Faculty-led Summer II 2018

Course(s) Offered: CVEN 322, CVEN 349 

This multicultural 5/6-week Program will be located in Trieste, a wonderful mid-size city at the tip of the Adriatic Sea, not far from Venice, close by Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. This program will be led by Dr. Luca Quadrifoglio and Dr. Ivan Damnjanovic.

Rome – Semester Long - Spring 2019

Course(s) Offered: CVEN 322, CVEN 349, CVEN 311, CVEN 307, GEOL320 + online options
Faculty-led Spring 2019

This Semester long Program will be located in Rome, widely recognized as one of the most culturally rich cities in the world. The Program will be led by Dr. Luca Quadrifoglio.


Faculty-led Summer I 2018

Course(s) Offered: CVEN 444, CVEN 485, CVEN 339, CVEN 423 

The courses are offered by Dr. Joseph Bracci and Dr. Francisco Olivera.


Course(s) Offered: ECEN 215

This course is offered by Dr. Sebastian Hoyos.

Spend 7 weeks in Doha, Qatar and take classes offered for all engineering majors. 

Reciprocal Exchange Programs

Texas A&M University College of Engineering provides an opportunity to spend a semester as well as a whole academic year in a foreign university. We offer REEP programs across the globe at accredited and renowned universities.

International Internships

The International Internship Program offers the best combination of work experience, learning skills and getting immersed in a new culture.