United Arabes Emirates

United Arab Emirates

This study abroad program is intended to provide Texas A&M students with an in-depth experience of energy and nuclear engineering, in particular, in United Arab Emirates. In addition to an intensive technical education about global nuclear energy, students will be immersed in the rich culture, history, government and economy of Abu Dhabi, which is located just an hour and a half from Dubai. This program consists of one upper-level course instructed using an integrated teaching methodology that involves direct interaction with design and construction professionals and field trips to construction sites. Student accommodations will be arranged by our Khalifa University partners. Students will have direct interaction with their future colleagues in United Arab Emirates not only in a social setting, but in the classrooms as well. The technical visits, cultural visits and interaction with the local students will contribute to the students’ global competency development and preparation to join the global engineering industry

This program must have a minimum of 10 students, but no more than 50.

Nuclear Engineering

Faculty-led Summer I 2018

Course(s) Offered: NUEN 485

This course will be led by Dr. Mark Kimber.