United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Texas A&M University College of Engineering provides reciprocal exchanges to two universities in the United Kingdom in addition to several faculty-led programs. Studying in the United Kingdom gives you the fun opportunity to easily live or visit four different countries.

Cultural Diversity & Ethics

Faculty-led Maymester 2018

Course(s) Offered: ANTH 370

The course will be taught by Dr. Darryl de Ruiter.

UK Energy: Resources, Utilization, and Importance to Society

Faculty-led Maymester 2018

Course(s) Offered: ENGR 101

The course is led by Dr. Mark Holtzapple.

Industrial Distribution - UK - Germany

Faculty-led Maymester 2018

Course(s) Offered: IDIS 489 

The course is led by Dr. Ismail Capar.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Faculty-led Summer II 2018
Course(s) Offered: ECEN 303, ECEN 322

These courses are offered by Dr. Ulisses Braga-Neto.

Aerospace, biomedical engineering and chemical engineering students have the opportunity to study at Swansea University in Wales.