Ruhr University, Bochum

June and July 2015

Qualified undergraduate students will be offered the opportunity to complete a 2-month research internship at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. During the internship American undergraduates will work hands-on with a Bochum professor (the research mentor) and doctoral student in an ongoing research project. The Bochum research mentor will set the application requirements (listing of skills and prerequisites needed) and will have the final say in the acceptance of students for his/her laboratory. Each internship will be individually designed within the framework of the areas offered and must meet approval of the American partner university in order to be pre-approved as internship credit or a directed study credit. Certificate of internship completion and evaluation report for each student will be handed out, signed by their Bochum mentor, indicating the amount of hours spent in the laboratory and listing of skills utilized for project completion. Also during the internship, students will be offered: a cultural program with visits and excursions (industrial heritage route of the Ruhr area, Cologne and the Rhine River, etc.). 


Bochum, Germany-Bochum is located in the Ruhr area, in the heart of Europe. Multiethnic and hospitable by tradition, the Ruhr area was once the industrial center of Germany but has now shifted to an area of culture, science and technology, with a high density of institutions of higher education. For these reasons, the Ruhr area was even Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010. People from 130 countries are currently studying or carrying out research at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, one of the biggest universities in Germany (with around 40,000 students). About 500 of these are international exchange students and approximately 600 are international PhD students.


Program Duration: 8 weeks

Tentative Dates:  June - July

Number of placements: 3

Eligibility: 6 semesters in college (junior); Minimum 2.5 GPA, German language skills are a plus but not required.

Program Cost

 Ruhr-Universität Bochum will provide:

  • Student housing (single-occupancy dorm room at Bochum University)
  • Local public transportation pass for the State of North Rhine Westfalia
  • 250 Euro-transport support for flight from Texas to Germany will be paid upon arrival after receipt of original invoice from the travel agency
    Students should expect to cover:
    • International airfare
    • Living expenses
    • 3 credit hours of 485 tuition and fees


1. Fill in the REACH contact form (
2. The completed contact form together with a CV has to be sent to the REACH coordinator of Ruhr-Universität Bochum  Dr.-Lng. V. Scherer at                                                                         
3. The potential Bochum mentor receives the application and decides upon the acceptance.
4. The International Office at RUB will inform you of the acceptance.

Additional Information


Contact Information

Contact program coordinators for information about the course content and syllabus.