This study abroad program is intended to provide all Texas A&M University students with an in-depth experience of Greece. Students will get to experience the diverse culture, history, language, government and economy of Thessaloniki. This program consists of one course instructed using an integrated teaching methodology and multiple field trips. Students will have direct interaction with the Greek students not only in a social setting, but in the classrooms as well. The technical visits, cultural visits and interaction with the Greek students will contribute to the students’ global competency development and preparation to join the global engineering industry. Following programs are offered in Greece:

Cultural Diversity & Ethics

Wintermester Program

Course(s) Offered: ANTH 270

This course is offered by Dr. Heather Thakar.

ECEN : Computer Architecture

Faculty-led Program : Summer I

Course(s) Offered: ECEN 350, ECEN 469

This course is offered by Dr. Stavros Kalafatis & Dr. Paul Gratz.