Over the past two decades China has emerged as a global economic power. Supporting various industries, students will have an educational mix of technical and cultural visits. The College of Engineering provides seven faculty-led programs around China. Programs are offered for following engineering majors:

Chemical Process Safety Global Distribution Hong Kong University REEP University of Nottingham REEP

Chemical Engineering

Course(s) Offered: CHEN 471, CHEN 455
Faculty-led Summer I 2018

Spend four weeks in Tianjin studying process safety engineering by Dr. Katy Kao or bioreactors engineering by Dr. Zeng Dong Cheng. Beijing is just 30 minutes away!

Chemical Engineering - Process Safety Engineering

Course(s) Offered: CHEN 455/SENG 655, CHEN 461
Faculty-led Summer II 2018

The CHEN faculty-led study abroad experience is a three-week program in Qingdao, China that offers chemical engineering students the opportunity not only to broaden their technical skills, but also to become familiar with one of the most dynamic and culturally significant countries in the world. The course is led by Dr. Sam Mannan and Dr. Costas Kravaris.

Global Distribution

Course(s) Offered: IDIS 445, ENGR 410
Faculty-led Summer I 2018 

Learn from leaders in the industry and tour the historical sites of China during the five-week Global Distribution Study Abroad program. The course is taught by Dr. Barry Lawrence.

Hong Kong University - ALL REEP

Terms: Academic Year, Spring, Fall

Spend a semester or a year in Hong Kong in one of the world's top universities, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

Spend a semester or a year in Ningbo, China, in one of the world's top universities, University of Nottingham.