As Brazil continues to become a prominent economic leader in South America, the relationship between Texas A&M and universities throughout Brazil is flourishing. The College of Engineering provides three faculty-led programs in various parts of Brazil. These programs are:

Aerospace Electrical & Computer Petroleum Computer Science

Aerospace Engineering

Faculty-led Summer I 2018

Course(s) Offered: AERO 220, AERO 214, AERO 351, AERO 303, AERO 413, AERO 489

Spend a few weeks in Sao Carlos (the hub for aerospace industry in Brazil) before going to Rio de Janeiro while taking classes on aerospace engineering principles from Dr. Ramesh Talreja and Dr. Adonios Karpetis. The trip includes technical visits to the TAM Museum as well as cultural excursions to the Christ the Redeemer statue and more.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Faculty-led Summer II 2018

Course(s) Offered: ECEN 314, ECEN 420, ECEN 485

The course is led by Dr. Shankar Bhattacharyya.

Petroleum Engineering

Wintermester 2018

Course(s) Offered: PETE 489/689

The course will be led by Dr. Heitor Lima.

Computer Science

Summer II 2018

Course(s) Offered: CSCE 489

The course will be led by Dr. John Keyser.