The Belgium Environmental Science and Engineering Study Abroad Program provides undergraduate engineering and non-engineering students with an opportunity gain international experience and at the same time take two Texas A&M University courses for six hours of credit.

Courses will be taught at the Katholieke University of Leuven, in Leuven, Belgium. Classes are taught on Tuesday and Wednesday with field trips on Thursday. The field trips are day-trips to visit interesting water and wastewater projects unique to Europe. This schedule provides students with 4-day weekends to travel and explore Belgium and/or other countries.

Field trips and seminar speakers will allow students to learn about European environmental practices and policies and compare them to U.S. practices. Field trip sites include the innovative system of sea gates installed by the Netherlands to protect coastal areas from flooding; plants for municipal wastewater treatment, household organic waste composting, and treatment of drinking water; facilities for collection of groundwater; and a system of sinkholes and caves to see the interaction between surface and groundwater. Additional field trip sites will include various methods of processing animal manure to produce value-added products and meet EU requirements for reducing environmental impact. In addition to course activities, students will have three and four-day weekends to explore Europe on their own. Popular sites include Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Cologne, London, Berlin and Brussels.

Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Faculty-led Summer II 2018 

Course(s) Offered: BAEN 460, BAEN 465 (for engineering students), AGSM 335, AGSM 337 (for non-engineering students)

The course is led by Dr. Clyde Munster.