Programs Abroad

College of Engineering offers several types of programs to fit various student needs. While searching for the program that interests you, you should consider things such as - your language background, country/region of interest, cultural interests, personal interests, your degree plan, whether you would like to go in a group (i.e. Faculty-Led) or on your own (i.e. Independent or Reciprocal Exchange), and whether you wish to go for a full semester or a summer semester. 

Photo of Adelaide, Australia


Study abroad in the outback! Australia provides the unique opportunity to study in a country where natural beauty meets modern sophistication.

Photo of Belgium


Practice your French, Dutch and German while you learn more about environmental science and engineering in Belgium, which is centrally located in Western Europe.

Photo Of Brazil


Well known for its beautiful beaches, soccer and emergence as an economic leader in Latin America, Brazil offers a dynamic study abroad experience for most engineering majors.

Chile Sm


If you are a junior or senior student interested in living in Chile and developing R&D skills either in the university or a company, this is the program for you.

Photo of China


With a rich history and vast economic expansion, China attracts students from all over the world to study abroad there. Students will explore popular cities such as Beijing and Shanghai as well as smaller cities such as Suzhou and Tianjin.

Colombia Beach


The Colombia study abroad program has an agreement with Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Bucaramanga for Electrical and Computer Engineering whereas it offers Mechanical Engineering program at Universidad Autonoma de Occidente at Cali.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Course Information coming for study abroad programs at Costa Rica.

Photo of Denmark


This course combines detailed theoretical and practical engineering experiences with social get-together in an international student atmosphere and opportunities to discover wonderful Copenhagen and the historic and scenic countryside.

Photo of Egypt


In addition to technical material, interactive web-based games and industrial field visits will be utilized to provide a rich hands-on experience for students.



Did you know that Finland is the home of Angry Birds, Nokia, and Linux? It is a great place for engineering minds. It is also known for its thousands of lakes and islands that you can explore. Explore the study abroad programs now !

Photo of France


This program offers two faculty-led programs in aerospace, mechanical and technology engineering. There is also a Research internship opportunity where students will research one of four topics under a ENISE professor. On the weekends, students will be able to explore what France and Europe have to offer.

Photo of Germany


Explore the home of Beethoven, Oktoberfest and Volkswagen while learning more about European medical history and visiting veterinary medical schools in various cities across Germany.

Greece Sm


Soak up the sun, history and culture of Greece as you spend either three weeks at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which is ranked one the best universities in Greece or spend a month at Athens with a faculty-led by TAMU-Q.

Photo of India


The world’s second-most populous country boasts a fast-growing economy that students are eager to jump into. With hundreds of languages spoken, India is one of the world’s most diverse countries.

Photo of Italy


From its food to its architecture to its fascinating history, Italy continues to amaze students. Continue your civil engineering education near Venice and Verona.

Japan 1558638


Learn petroleum engineering with faculty-led program by Texas A&M University to Tokyo.

South Korea

South Korea

Most of the students do not have experience in travelling to Asian countries and have not had opportunity to learn different culture, customs and activities. South Korea gives a glimpse into the culture while offering an learning and educational environment for faculty-led programs.



This course, purposefully designed for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) majors, uses real-world examples and case studies to explore the diverse nature of human culture and ethics globally.

Study in Kyrgyzstan

Photo of Malaysia


In this program students work on a research project under the supervision of a professor from Petronas University in a topic that is of joint interest of the student and the hosting faculty.

Photo of Mexico


From the rocky beaches of the Pacific coast to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, plus all of the pueblos in between, Mexico is a large and diverse country that offers a great abroad experience.

Photo of Qatar


Live and study in the Middle East at the Texas A&M campus in Qatar. Despite being the size of Connecticut, Qatar is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Photo of Rwanda


Help hospitals by training hospital staff or repairing and installing medical equipment while learning French and Kinyardwanda in Kigali.

Photo of Singapore


Located in the heart of southeast Asia, students will experience a cultural fusion of the east and west while studying in a top university in Singapore.

Photo of Spain


One of our most popular trips, students flock to Spain in the summer. Take a CVEN or MEEN class and then explore the mountains, architecture or beaches.

Taiwan Sm


Travel to the island of Taiwan and its capital Taipei, and immerse yourself in the country’s cultural, educational and economic hub. The city is home to numerous engineering and cultural landmarks, as well as many multinational companies.

Photo of United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Trade football and basketball for soccer and rugby while on a reciprocal exchange in the United Kingdom.

United Arab Emirates Sm

United Arab Emirates

This program offers students the opportunity to experience the country’s rich culture first-hand, while studying energy and nuclear engineering at Khalifa University.

Photo for International Internships

An international exposure helps you attain more flexibility and also understand global work culture. Boost your career with an international internship.

International Internships