Ambassador Program


Halliburton Engineering Global Ambassadors are study abroad returnees who are passionate about their education abroad experience and are willing to share their insight and expertise with prospective and current Texas A&M students. These ambassadors volunteer for a semester at a time in outreach and recruitment activities.

The purpose of the student ambassador program is to promote international education and global competency on the campus of Texas A&M. This is a great opportunity for students as they will gain:

  • Marketing and Recruitment experience
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Cultural Knowledge
  • Personal and Professional Development Opportunities

Ambassador expectations:

  • Attend occasional informational meetings
  • Meet and mentor students interested in study abroad opportunities with the Global Programs Office
  • Upload a blog post from their experience
  • Be available through email communication
  • Help with recruitment presentations

Meet our Ambassadors


Name: Adam Curtis
Hometown: Waymart, PA
Major: Electrical Engineering
Global Program Type/Location: REEP/ Qatar
International Education Experience: Adam Curtis, an Electrical Engineering student from Waymart,PA, participated in the Spring 2017 Semester Exchange program between the Texas A&M University College Station and Qatar campuses. The best part of his experience was most certainly gaining new friends and learning more about Arabic culture, though the chicken shawarma was a close second. Being an out-of-state student, Adam was already familiar with being away from home, but the distance still made him miss family and friends; however, video-chat and regular mail correspondence allowed him to settle in and make the most out of his time abroad. Adam's favorite superhero is Marvel's Ant Man because of his sense of humor and the proof that even the smallest actions can produce enormous results. Adam's best advice for someone considering a study abroad program is: If you think you want to do it and are able to, do it! Do it and toss aside the assumptions you have about the place and people you are visiting. If you show them your mind is a fresh sheet, they will paint you the most magnificent masterpiece! If you would like to speak with Adam about his time abroad or ask about his favorite Arabic foods, Adam will be present at Brazos County WorldFest, Aggies Invent and will be visiting various ENGR111 & 112 classes. If you see him around campus, feel free to give a "Howdy!".


Name: Audree Co
Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
Global Program Type/Location: Research Internship/ Petronas- Malaysia
International Education Experience: This past summer I traveled to Perak, Malaysia as a research intern at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). During my time here I was given the opportunity to research the Corrosion Rate Effect on Carbon Steel X65 with 50 ppm Sodium Diethyldithiocarbamate Inhibitor. Aside from my research experience here, I participated in an event called StartUp Weekend Ipoh, where I created a startup business over the course of a 54-hour period, helped organize a conference with over 100 participants from all around the world and learned a Bhangra dance. During the weekends and holidays I traveled around Malaysia exploring places such as Penang, Lumut, and Kuala Lumpur, as well as nearby countries like Singapore and the Philippines. The biggest struggle I had during my time abroad was trying to not get lost. One word of advice for someone considering an abroad program is to just go for it. It’s a once in a life time opportunity and in my opinion it was very worthwhile. I met so many amazing people there who I still keep in contact with.


Name: Berkley Pollard
Hometown: Arlington, TX
Major: Petroleum Engineering - Class of 2018
Global Program Type/Location: Research Internship/ Petronas- Malaysia, REEP/ Qatar
International Education Experience: My most recent study abroad experience was in Seri Iskandar, Malaysia. It was a research internship program that was hosted at the Universiti of Teknologi Petronas. I had such a great time visiting Malaysia and traveling around parts of Southeast Asia during my time here. The food was amazing and I really enjoyed getting closer to my fellow aggies studying with me along with other study abroad students from all over the world! The biggest struggle while abroad was being able to get from place to place and finding transportation. At first, we didn’t know our way around, or how things worked, but we eventually learned. My best advice for someone considering studying abroad is “JUST DO IT” Don’t let fear of anything (whether that be money, time, uncertainty) get in the way of having an experience of a lifetime.


Name: Brooke Roger
Hometown: League City, TX
Major: Chemical Engineering
Global Program Type/Location: REEP/ Swansea
International Education Experience: Last Spring of 2017 I went on a Reciprocal Exchange Program to Swansea University in Swansea, Wales. Some of the many exciting things about Swansea was meeting people from all of the world and being able to travel across Europe.
-My biggest struggle while being aboard was my fear of the unknown, something unplanned happening. I learned though to give my self enough time, to roll with it, and take everything as a learning experience.
-If I were a superhero I would have the power to teleport. It would be amazing to snap my fingers and be across the would.
-My best advice for someone studying abroad is just to take the chance. It can be intimidating but you won’t regret it. I can guarantee you will grow in ways that you would never be able to if you stay in Texas.


Name: Bryton Praslicka
Hometown: Flower Mound, TX
Major: Electrical Engineering
Global Program Type/Location: Reep Qatar, Faculty Led/Germany, Faculty Led Italy Ethics
International Education Experience: I self-financed through work and scholarship alone a triple study abroad experience in which I began on the Qatar Exchange Spring 2017 program, backpacked to the Italy Engineering Ethics in Castiglion Fiorentino, and then traveled to Aachen, Germany for the Germany/UK Electrical Engineering program. The highlights in all three locations were the after-class fun with the students I became close friends with. In Qatar many nights we would be out until late spending time together and having late night conversations about our different religions and lifestyles. In Italy it was amazing to be there during the town's annual festival and to see the city come alive and celebrate for weeks. In Germany I loved getting to know other German engineers and playing board games and cooking together. The biggest struggle while I was abroad was learning to manage my money. I had to sit down and budget the next 8 months of my life knowing if I ran out of money I had nobody to help. If you are considering studying abroad, just go. Do not let money or someone telling you to work stop you. Travel will change the way you see your family and your friends and your network for the better and will enable you to live each day more fully. Live the best life you can live and I believe you will never reach that goal without studying abroad.

Rsz Clare Mcdougall Greece 2017

Name: Clare McDougall
Hometown: College Station, Texas
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Global Program Type/Location: Faculty Led/ Greece, International Internship-Tenaris/ Mexico
International Education Experience: Texas A&M has allowed me to plan, participate in, and work for, study abroad ventures to Cuba (January 2016 faculty-led), Mexico (June-August 2016 sponsored internship), and Greece (January 2017 faculty-led). Texas A&M helped me discover my love of travel, and has allowed me to pursue it vigorously since. The most important thing studying abroad has taught me is the universal language - hot beverages, hand gestures, hugs, smiles, and food. Not all learned easily - I remember my fair share of struggling to gesture and speak brokenly about important issues at work to my dear friends in Mexico. If I could offer a piece of advice, it would be to shake off the inhibitions which keep you from interacting and learning about the local culture you visit. People are people, it’s really as simple as that.

Rsz Edgaryokubaitis

Name: Edgar Michael Yokubaitis
Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Global Program Type/Location: Faculty Led/ Spain
International Education Experience: My most recent experience abroad was this past summer; I participated in the Mechanical engineering track of the faculty led program in Ciudad Real, Spain. On this trip I took courses in solid mechanics and material selection in mechanical design, all the while learning about Spanish culture, food, and history. My favorite parts of my experience abroad were the opportunities to spend free time on the weekends exploring the cities that we visited at our own pace. I also enjoyed our trip to the Caminito Del Rey, the views were incredible and the entire trail was just amazing. My biggest struggle abroad was overcoming the language barrier. I took Spanish classes both in middle school and high school but found that I just wasn't able to keep up in a conversation with locals if they spoke too quickly. I did find, however, that I remembered much more Spanish than I realized, and after the 'survival Spanish' class that we took for our first three days I was usually able to fill in the gaps with context clues. The locals were also very accommodating to us and understood that many of us had very basic comprehension of their language.
My biggest piece of advice to anyone even considering a study abroad program is to stay on top of the logistical requirements of the program. It can be easy to get excited and start planning all the fun activities and trips you want to go on while abroad and completely forget something more mundane but equally important such as packing efficiently, making sure your passport is up to date, or budgeting. Fortunately the study abroad portal is essentially designed to help people keep track of all of these things and keep on top of any required paperwork.


Name: Ismael Vilchis
Hometown: Pasadena, Texas
Major: Aerospace Engineering - Class of 2018
Global Program Type/Location: Research Internship/ Qatar; Facutly Led/ India & Brazil
International Education Experience: My most recent study abroad experience was in Doha, Qatar at Texas A&M University at Qatar as an exchange student. The highpoints of my visit to Qatar was attending the Emir Cup Soccer Final and experiencing the holy month of Ramadan firsthand. My biggest struggle while abroad was the language barrier but I was welcomed by local students who were willing to help me learn. The best advice I can offer to someone considering an abroad program would be to get outside of your comfort zone and visit somewhere that you don’t already plan to visit in the future if possible.

Rachel Dedas

Name: Rachel Dedas
Hometown: Lake Jackson, TX
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Global Program Type/Location: Faculty Led/ Germany
International Education Experience: This past semester - Spring 2017 - I went on the faculty-led Bonn, Germany Biosciences program. It's hard to describe how much I learned, experienced, and grew while living in Europe. My time there was unbelievable, and I would go back in a second if I could. Besides achieving personal goals while studying abroad, like becoming comfortable traveling in foreign countries, becoming more independent, making new friends, trying new food and other cultural activities, I believe I also became more prepared for my future career. Studying abroad was my favorite semester of college so far!
The highpoints of my trip were traveling with the great friends I made. Some of my best memories are from spring break when we went to Ireland, Portugal, and Spain and the week preceding when we went to France. My biggest struggle while abroad was trying to balance studying and traveling. I took 15 hours of engineering classes, so the workload was pretty heavy. I still managed to visit 9 different countries though! I learned how to prioritize and time-manage because almost every weekend was filled with adventuring to a different country. The best piece of advice I could give to someone considering a study abroad is GO. It will change your life. It doesn’t matter where you go; if you’re thrown into another culture, you will learn so much about the world and yourself – and have some incredible adventures!

Ria Rao

Name: Ria Rao
Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Global Program Type/Location: Research Internship/ India
International Education Experience: The program I participated in was the Research Internship Abroad Program for 10 weeks in the summer of 2018 at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Gandhinagar, India. Traveling to Gandhinagar was an amazing and eye-opening experience for me! I was the only one in my group from A&M who spoke the native language, so I was forced to become the leader of the group which really helped me improve my communication skills and become more outgoing as a person!
The biggest challenge for me was talking to cab drivers since drivers there can be a little irritable and would speak to me quickly in Hindi or try to overcharge us for rides. At first, this was a huge change for me, but over time, it became easier to talk and negotiate with workers in Hindi. I am really thankful for being put in this position though because it pushed me outside of my comfort zone. My biggest tip for anyone studying abroad would be to remain open minded because there WILL be a culture shock or language barrier, but don’t let that scare you; try and immerse yourself in the culture and learn something!
As for the research experience, I was welcomed into the lab with so much hospitality. The graduate students and my professor helped me explore my interests, and I was able to get my own project for the first time! In just 2 months, I was able to design a project, have it programmed, and actually implemented on subjects. I was also able to travel and experience some beautiful parts of the country while working at one of the best universities!

Robyn morrison

Name: Robyn Morison
Hometown: The Woodlands
Major: Chemical Engineering
Global Program Type/Location: REEP/ Swansea
International Education Experience: The most recent study abroad experience I have completed was a semester long reciprocal exchange to Swansea, Wales. My time abroad was a highlight of my college career. The experiences you gain and memories you make are so valuable. I was lucky enough to be able to travel to 7 different countries while abroad and really immerse myself in the different cultures. While studying abroad it is such a great opportunity to learn about different culture and how that can impact your career, as an engineer I know that I will be working with people from all over the world and so being respectful of other cultures is so important in this age of global economies. The biggest challenge I encountered whilst abroad was probably the initial week after arrival and getting set up and functioning before classes began. When you arrive in a strange country there are multiple things that need to be taken care of, for example setting up a cell phone, a bank account, exchanging foreign currency, purchasing text books, setting up your dorm room with linen, food, and personal hygiene items. Being alone and in a completely new environment made these challenges difficult. To overcome the challenges I tackled one obstacle at a time, prioritizing which needed to be done first. I learnt that asking advise from local people was advantageous and it taught me to be more outgoing. Once I had set everything up and was fully operational I had such an accomplished feeling and felt very independent having achieved it all by myself. My best tip for someone studying abroad is taking advantage of all the opportunities you are given; you will only be able to have this experience once so really take advantage of that.