Byul Hur

Electronic Systems Engineering Technology

Assistant Professor


Office: 008A Fermier
Phone: 979.845.5195

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Research Interests

  • Mixed-signal/RF Circuit Design and Wireless System Development
  • RF Test and Measurement Automation
  • Environmental and Biomedical Data Measurement and Analysis

Awards & Honors

  • 2014 Technology Innovator, Office of Technology, Univ. of Florida Mar. 2015
  • Achievement award, Dept. of ECE, Univ. of Florida Aug. 2005 – May 2007
  • Scholarship, Dept. of EE, Yonsei University Sept. 1998 – Dec. 1999.


  • Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida, 2011
  • M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida, 2007
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Yonsei University, 2000

Selected Publications

M. Greco, J. Presley, X. Gao, E. Prucha, R. Sharpe, M. Johnson, B. Hur, and J. Morgan,”The Wireless Internet of Things for SensorTag Platform: A Step Towards IoT on the Moon,” ASEE Gulf-Southwest Section Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX, March 2017.

B. Hur and W. R. Eisenstadt, “CMOS Broadband Programmable Gain Active Balun With 0.5-dB Gain Steps,” IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, Vol. 63, No. 8, pp. 2650-2660, Aug. 2015.

B. Hur and W. R. Eisenstadt, “Automated Wideband Test System, Measurement Uncertainty, and Design of On-chip Six-Port Reflectometers for 5G Applications,” in 85th Microwave Measurement Conference (ARFTG), Phoenix, Arizona, May 2015, pp. 1-5.

B. Hur and W. R. Eisenstadt, “True-differential/Common-mode Mixed-mode S-parameter Measurement Techniques for Cellular and 4G Bandwidths,” in 16th Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON), Cocoa Beach, Florida, Apr. 2015, pp 1-5.

B. Hur and W. R. Eisenstadt, “Progress in Development of the Low-power Wireless Multiple Temperature Sensor Pole for Pesticide, Agriculture, and Mosquito Research,” in SoutheastCon 2015, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Apr. 2015, pp. 1-6.