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Bachelor of Science, Electronic Systems Engineering Technology

The Electronic Systems Engineering Technology (ESET) Program at Texas A&M University provides a recognized undergraduate educational program with an emphasis in electronics, communication, embedded systems, testing, instrumentation and control systems, performs applied research for educational, government, and industrial entities in the state and nation, and conducts professional development and other activities to meet the needs of the private and public sectors.

The program combines engineering and industrial knowledge and methods to develop, design, and implement new innovative products. Electronic Systems Engineering Technology graduates find challenging careers in the application engineering, test engineering, network analyst, system engineering, software developer and, engineering project management positions at high-tech companies.

Our Mission Statement 

The ESET program prepares graduates for immediate impact and long-term career success by providing a real-world, hands-on education coupled with personalized undergraduate applied research experiences in electronic product, test, and system integration engineering.

Degree Plan Flowcharts

2017-2018 Flowchart
2016-2017 Flowchart
2015-2016 Flowchart
2014-2015 Flowchart

Official degree plan can be found in the Texas A&M University Catalog.

ESET Course Descriptions

ESET Technical Electives