ESAC has several committees that help to meet needs noted in the 2013 Staff Climate Survey and your assistance is needed!  

We are requesting volunteers to serve and share their knowledge and expertise to further develop the engineering program staff. Please refer to the below committee descriptions. If you would like to volunteer, please sign up here for one or more of the committees.

If you have problems signing up, email us at

Communications Committee
Co-chairs: Kristina Ballard and Shraddha Sankhe
Members: Jan McHarg, Taylor Phillips-Rodriguez, Chris R. Scoggins

Identifies ideas to improve and increase internal communication across Texas A&M Engineering. Works with Engineering Communications to handle ESAC promotion and marketing, as needed.

Employee Engagement Committee 
Chair: Neal Ellis
Members: Nicole Pottberg, Shraddha Sankhe, Jared Scoggins, Nicole Latham, Debbie Oakes, Kaitlin Nichols

Includes working with Engineering HR to identify professional development needs and opportunities to further develop our staff throughout the year. The Engagement Initiative focuses on formulating functional groups led and influenced by Engagement Leaders. 

Staff Development Committee 
Co-chairs: Katie Cates and Jan Vermaak
Member: Kristle Comley

Includes researching current practices across the Texas A&M University System and developing a scholarship/tuition reimbursement proposal for employees seeking relevant degrees. 

Staff Appreciation Committee
Chair: Ande Burks
Members: Sarah Curylo, Layne Lampley, Jennifer House, Chelsey Bullock

Includes coordinating events for Engineering’s staff appreciation week.

Staff Workshop Committee
Co-chairs: Kristle Comley and Jan Vermaak
Members: Katie Cates, Dana Evans, Sarah Curylo, Layne Lampley

There are three specialty areas in this committee. These subcommittees will work together to develop the Annual Engineering Staff Workshop.

Service Committee
Co-chairs: Mark Hopcus and Layne Lampley
Members: Jan Vermaak, Ande Burks

Includes coordinating events for Engineering service opportunities.