Electromagnetics & Microwaves Group

Research activities in electromagnetics and microwaves span a broad spectrum of applications. In particular this includes the theoretical and experimental aspects of antennas, electromagnetic theory, electromagnetic wave scattering, active and passive microwave and millimeter wave circuits, linear and non-linear optical or microwave guiding systems, and microstrip antennas.

Faculty Members:

NameE-mail AddressPhone NumberOffice
Faculty ImageChang, Kai
TI Analog Chair Professor, IEEE Fellow, Electromagnetics /Microwaves- Group Leader
kaichang@tamu.edu 845-5285 205C WEB
EntesariEntesari, Kamran
Associate Professor, NSF CAREER Award
kentesar@tamu.edu 845-9586 318A WEB
Faculty ImageHuff, Gregory
Associate Professor
ghuff@tamu.edu 862-4161 301R WEB
Faculty ImageMichalski, Krzysztof A.
Associate Professor
IEEE Fellow
k-michalski@tamu.edu 845-5203 205H WEB
Faculty ImageNevels, Robert D.
IEEE Fellow
r-nevels@tamu.edu 845-7591 205K WEB
Faculty ImageNguyen, Cam
TI Professor II in Analog Engineering
IEEE Fellow
cnguyen@tamu.edu 845-7469 212E WEB
Faculty ImageWright, Steven
Royce E. Wisenbaker Professor II, AIMBE Fellow,
IEEE Fellow, ISMRM Fellow
Biomedical-Group Leader
smwright@tamu.edu 845-9413 310D WEB