Device Science and Nanotechnology

Device Science and Nanotechnology

The Device Science and Nanotechnology program in The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University encompasses a wide range of research topics from electrooptics to quantum computing. The electrooptics program incorporates a range of technologies that make use of optical and electronic phenomena. Research areas of primary interest include fiber optics, integrated optics and semiconductor lasers.

Faculty Members:

NameE-mail AddressPhone NumberOffice
Faculty ImageBiard, James
Adjunct Professor, IEEE Fellow,
NAE Member 214.509.2731 Allen
Faculty ImageEknoyan, Ohannes
Professor 979.845.7441 244D WEB
Faculty ImageHarris, Rusty
Associate Professor 979.845.4217 235C WEB
Faculty ImageHemmer, Philip
Group Leader 979.845.8932 216H WEB
Faculty ImageKameoka, Jun
Associate Professor 979.845.7564 237B WEB
Faculty ImageKish, Laszlo
Professor 979.847.9071 237G WEB
P LinLin, Pao-Tai
Assistant Professor 979.458.8223 214F WEB
Faculty ImageMadsen, Christi K.
Professor 979.845.4935 728 JEB

RentzepisRentzepis, Peter

TEES Distinguished Research Professor 979.845.7250 235C WEB
Faculty ImageStrieter, Fred
Adjunct Professor 979.845.7587
Faculty ImageSu, Chin B.
Professor 979.845.7584 205G WEB
Faculty ImageWang, Haiyan
Adjunct Professor
NSF CAREER Award, AFOSR YIP Award, ONR YIP Award, PECASE Award 979.845.5082 723 JEB
Faculty ImageWeichold, Mark H.
Regents Professor
Executive Director for Halliburton Global Engineering Program, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 979.845.2295 TAMUQ
Faculty ImageZou, Jun
Associate Professor 979.862.1640 205I WEB


  • Fluctuation and Noise Exploitation Laboratory
  • Nanofabrication facility
  • Quantum and Nano Optics Laboratory
  • Solid State Electronics, Photonics and Nano-Engineering Laboratory