Biomedical Imaging, Sensing & Genomic Signal Processing

The Biomedical Imaging, Sensing and Genomic Signal Processing group brings together faculty members from a number of different disciplines to focus on the acquisition and analysis of biomedical images and signals, genomic signal processing, and nano/micro systems for bio/medical applications. A set of core courses provides the student with a background in medical imaging instrumentation, image processing and analysis, genomic signal processing, and biosensing, and elective courses are available in all areas. Laboratories have been established in magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging, genomic signal processing, and integrated micro/nano/bio systems.

Faculty Members:

NameE-mail AddressResearch AreasOffice
Faculty ImageBraga Neto, Ulisses
Associate Professor
NSF CAREER Award Biomedical Imaging and Genomic Signal Processing 236B WEB
DattaDatta, Aniruddha
J.W. Runyon, Jr. '35 Professor II
IEEE Fellow Biomedical Imaging and Genomic Signal Processing, Telecommunications, Control and Signal Processing 212F WEB
Faculty ImageDougherty, Edward
Robert M. Kennedy ’26 Chair Professor
SPIE Fellow, IEEE Fellow Biomedical Imaging and Genomic Signal Processing 214G WEB
Faculty ImageHan, Arum
Professor Solving grand challenge problems in the broad area of energy and health through micro/nano systems technology 309C WEB
Image of Jim JiJi, Jim
Associate Professor
NSF CAREER Award Magnetic resonance imaging, biomedical image processing and their practical applications 309E WEB
ParkPark, Sung Il
Assistant Professor Developing implantable optoelectronic stimulation and recording platforms for wireless bioelectronics, analytical studies of wireless power transmission into biological tissue. 223G WEB and 207 GERB
QianQian, Xiaoning
Assistant Professor Bioinformatics: Analysis and intervention in biological networks; Biomedical image processing and analysis: Image segmentation and robust boundary finding 205J WEB
Faculty ImageRighetti, Raffaella
Associate Professor Ultrasound imaging, Elastrography and Therapeutic ultrasound 309D WEB

Yang ShenShen, Yang
Assistant Professor Modeling, simulation and engineering of biomolecules and biomolecular systems; computational Molecular Biology; Structural prediction of protein interactions; Drug design; Computational Systems Biology; Systems therapeutics; Synthetic biology; Bioinformatics; Optimization and learning; Systems and control 223A WEB
Faculty ImageWright, Steven
Royce E. Wisenbaker Professor II, AIMBE Fellow,
IEEE Fellow, ISMRM Fellow
Biomedical-Group Leader Methodology and instrumentation for magnetic resonance imaging 310D WEB
Faculty ImageYoon, Byung-Jun
Associate Professor
NSF CAREER Award Biomedical Imaging and Genomic Signal Processing 205L WEB

Peng YuYu, Peng
Associate Professor Bioinformatics and systems biology 215F WEB

Affiliated Faculty Members:

NameE-mail AddressResearch AreasOffice
Faculty ImageSerpedin, Erchin
IEEE Fellow, NSF CAREER Award Bioinformatics, Biomedical Signal Processing,and Signal Processing for Wireless Communications 310MC&B WEB
Faculty ImageSu, Chin B.
Professor Solid State Electronics, Photonics and Nano-Engineering 205G WEB
Faculty ImageXiong, Zixiang
IEEE Fellow Telecommunications, Controls and Signal Processing 334K WEB


Genomic Signal Processing Laboratory

Magnetic Resonance Systems Lab

NanoBio Systems Lab