Pierce Cantrell, Jr.

Senior Associate Professor

Cantrell, Pierce Jr.

Office: WEB 333D
Phone: 979.845.3179
Email: p-cantrell@tamu.edu

Google Scholar Profile

Research Interests

  • Computer networking

Awards & Honors

  • Tenneco Meritorious Teaching Award, 1992
  • Speaker 1995-96, Texas A&M Faculty Senate


  • B. S. 1970, M. S. 1971, Ph.D. 1981, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Computer Communications and Networking: Multimedia networking, video conferencing over LANs and WANs with multilayer coding over multiple multicast groups.

Selected Publications

T. B. Brown, P. E. Cantrell, and J. D. Gibson, "Multicast layered video teleconferencing: overcoming bandwidth heterogeneity,'' in Proceedings, First Annual Telecom. Conference, pp. 145--152, Austin, TX, October 1996

T. Brown, S. Sazzad, C. Schroeder, P. E. Cantrell, and J. D. Gibson, "Packet Video for Heterogeneous Networks using CU-SeeMe,'' in Proceedings, ICIP'96, pp. 9--12, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 1996.

M. G. Kyeong, P. E. Cantrell, and T. A. Dowling, "The effect of discrete TOA randomization on capture phenomenon in DS/SS local radio communications,'' in Proceedings, IEEE ICCS '94, Singapore, November 1994.

M. G. Kyeong, P. E. Cantrell, and T. A. Dowling, "DS/SS indoor wireless communications with near-perfect multi-packet capture,'' in Proceedings, IEEE ICUPC '94, San Diego, CA, September 1994.