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The courses listed below constitute 18 hours required for a minor in Electrical Engineering

Course NameCredits
ECEN 214 - Electrical Circuit Theory 4
ECEN 248 - Intro to Digital System Design 4
ECEN 314 - Signals & Systems 3
ECEN 325 - Electronics 4
ECEN XXX – Any 300/400 level ECEN course except ECEN 403/404, 485, 491 3
Total Credit Hours18


ECEN 214 requires PHYS 208 or equivalent as a prerequisite and enrollment in MATH 308. MATH 308 requires completion of the calculus sequence (151/152-engineering).

Minimum GPR

A minimum grade point ratio of 2.75 is required in order to enter the minor.

Satisfactory Completion of Courses

To be awarded the minor in Electrical Engineering, students must earn a C or better in each of the courses used for the minor.


Students majoring in Computer Engineering will not be permitted to minor in Electrical Engineering since the coursework prescribed for the minor is required coursework for the Computer Engineering degree.