Requirements for a Master of Engineering Degree in Computer Engineering

1. Total number of hours (30)

    •     A minimum of 27 classroom hours (Excludes 681, 684, & 685) from
    •     College of Engineering
    •     College of Science
    •     College of Business(at most one course, and only from the INFO Dept.)
    •     A minimum of 24 classroom hours from the
    •     Departments of Computer Science and Engineering and
    •     Electrical and Computer Engineering
    •     At least 13 of these 24 hours must be in Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.
    •     At least 6 courses from the CE ME student course list.

2. Transfer hours allowed from another institution (6)

    •     Transfer hours must be from a peer institution
    •     Transfer hours are subject to approval of the Graduate Studies Committee

3. Max undergraduate hours (6 hours/400 only)

4. One hour of seminar is allowed (ECEN/CSCE 681) but is NOT required.

5. No more than 3 hours of ECEN 681, 684 and 685.

6. A report is required in at least one of the ECE or CSE courses.**

7. Composition of committee

    •     The Graduate Coordinator will be the chair of all MEN committees. No other committee members are needed.

8. Additional course requirements are listed below.

**This report must be presented either prior to the approval of an application for exemption from the final oral exam (requires a minimum GPR of 3.0), or at the time of the final oral exam.