Technical/Engineering Elective Course Descriptions

Courses listed below are approved to fulfill technical electives requirements found in the bachelors of science degree plans for both electrical engineering and computer engineering majors. Some courses found below the main list are electrical or computer engineering majors only.

MEEN 221. Statics and Particle Dynamics (3-0). 3 credits.

Application of the fundamental principles of Newtonian mechanics to the statics and dynamics of particles; equilibrium of trusses, frames, beams, and other rigid bodies.

Prerequisites: Admission to upper division in an engineering major; MATH 251 or 253 or registered therein; PHYS 218.

MEEN 222. Materials Science (3-0). 3 credits.

Mechanical, optical, thermal, magnetic and electrical properties of solids; differences in properties of metals, polymers, ceramics and composite materials in terms of bonding and crystal structure.

Prerequisites: CHEM 102, or CHEM 107 and CHEM 117; PHYS 218.

MEEN 315. Principles of Thermodynamics (3-0). 3 credits.

Theory and application of energy methods in engineering; conservation of mass and energy; energy transfer by heat, work, and mass; thermodynamic properties; analysis of open and closed systems; the second law of thermodynamics and entropy; gas, vapor and refrigeration cycles.

Prerequisites: MEEN 221; MATH 251 or 253; U3 or U4 classification

MATH 414. Fourier Series and Wavelets (3-0). 3 credits.

Fourier series and wavelets with applications to data compression and signal processing.

Prerequisites: MATH 311

MATH 442. Mathematical Modeling (3-0). 3 credits.

The construction of mathematical models from areas such as economics, game theory, integer programming, mathematical biology and mathematical physics.

Prerequisites: MATH 304 & 308 or equivalents

MATH 471. Communications and Cryptography II (3-0). 3 credits.

Additional topics in coded communications; information and entropy, elliptical curves, error corrections, quantum methods.

Prerequisites: MATH 470 or consent of instructor.

PHYS 221. Optics and Thermal Physics (3-0). 3 credits.

Wave motion and sound, geometrical and physical optics, kinetic theory of gases, laws of thermodynamics.

Prerequisites: PHYS 208; MATH 152 or 172; registration in MATH 221, 308

BIOL 113. Essentials in Biology (3-3). 4 credits.

One-semester in introductory biology for non-majors; chemical basis of life, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, evolution, biodiversity and interaction of organisms with their environment; includes a laboratory to supplement and reinforce lecture topics.

Electrical Engineering Majors

ENTC 352. Electronics Testing I (3-3). 4 credits.

Testing of electronic devices and systems; including test planning, test reporting, test specifications, parametric testing, measurement accuracy, test hardware, sampling theory, digital signal processing based testing, and calibrations; both circuit analysis (2/3) and circuit design (1/3) with several analog and mixed-signal systems.

Prerequisites: ELEN students must be upper level and receive approval from ENTC

MATH 470. Communications and Cryptography  (3-0). 3 credits.

Introduction to coded communications, digital signatures, secret sharing, one-way functions, authentication, error control and data compression.

Prerequisites: Math 304 or MATH 323 and CSCE 110 and approval of instructor (MATH 309 or 311 fulfills the MATH 304 prerequisite. ENGR 112 or CSCE 121 fulfills the CPSC 110 prerequisite).

ISEN 303. Engineering Economic Analysis (3-0). 3 credits.

Principles of economic equivalence; time value of money; analysis of single and multiple investments; comparison of alternatives; capital recovery and tax implications; certainty; uncertainty; risk analysis; public sector analysis and break-even concepts.

Prerequisites: MATH 152 (2014-15 catalog or later)

Note: AERO 320 approved as an Engineering Elective for ELEN majors prior to fall 2014

Technical Electives

Computer Engineering Majors

PHYS 222. Modern Physics for Engineers (3-0). 3 credits.

Atomic, quantum, relativity and solid state physics.

Prerequisites: PHYS 208; MATH 308 or registration therein.


  • MATH 470 approved as an Engineering Elective for CEEN majors prior to fall 2013.
  • BIOL 113 approved as an Engineering Elective for CEEN majors and a Technical Elective prior to fall 2017
  • MSEN 201 approved as an Engineering Elective for CEEN majors and a Technical Elective prior to spring 2017
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