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Engineering Student Enrichment Affiliates Program

The Texas A&M University College of Engineering recognizes the mutual benefits resulting from strong relationships with industry. The goal of the Engineering Student Enrichment Affiliates program is to facilitate relationships with industry to work together to continuously strengthen the programs that enrich our engineering students.

Below are the contribution amounts and their corresponding levels of campus involvement:

Coordination for a branding event X      
Ability to work with a director to name events X      
Invitation to provide speakers for the preferred speaker listing (given priority for speaking opportunities) X X    
Increased access to target students (e.g., mock interviews, resume reviews, student teams) X X X  
Logo on website, T-shirts, signage as appropriate X X X X
Ability to provide company materials for distribution to program participants X X X X
Invitation to participate on Steering Council X X X X

For additional information about the program, please contact Jay Roberts, senior director of development for Engineering Academic and Student Affairs, at