Engineering Projects in Community Service

What is Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)?

EPICS is an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based course in which engineering students provide valuable service to our local and extended community through the conception, development, and delivery of engineering-based projects in collaboration with non-profit community partners. Engineering students will apply their technical skills towards solving problems in our community, benefiting the people around us. EPICS was established at Purdue University.

EPICS project

2015 Spring Semester Project List (Tentative)

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Learning Objective

Students will use the basic engineering principles and process to deliver a design for a real-world project of value to the Community Partner.

Students will be able to:

Design Process

  1. Define the requirements and project deliverables in collaboration with designated Partner
  2. Develop a project plan which includes schedule, cost, and expected deliverables
  3. Develop multiple conceptual designs and select baseline design based on evaluation matrix (which includes tradeoffs between cost, schedule, and requirement match.)
  4. Develop and test prototypes by assembling and conducting small-scale experiments to substantiate project designs against requirements and/or investigate unknown situations.
  5. Document the project plan, including notes of accomplishments and changes on a weekly basis
  6. Validate design deliverable against requirements

Professional Preparation

  1. Identify a personal problem solving strategy and document that strategy in a weekly project journal
  2. Identify and acquire skills needed to meet the project’s technical needs
  3. Collaborate on multi-level disciplinary and interdisciplinary teams
  4. Present and deliver the design deliverable to the Partner

Social Context

  1. Recognize the impact of engineering in social context

EPICS Course Offerings

ENGR 270 / 470 Engineering Projects In Community Service (1-3 credit hours)

  • ENGR 270 is appropriate for freshman and sophomore engineering students who are encouraged to register for one (1) credit hour. Students interested to register for 2 or 3 credit hours should discuss this with the course instructor.
  • ENGR 470 is appropriate for junior and senior students. Students taking this course for the first time are encouraged to sign for one (1) credit hour or receive instructor approval. Returning students can register for two (2) or three (3) credit hours.

EPICS is offered each semester and students are encouraged to participate for multiple semesters. Students should discuss with their academic advisors how course credit for EPICS can be used towards their degree.