Meet our winners

Spring 2016 U-Ignite Video Competition Winners

The U-Ignite Video competition is excited to announce the winners of our very first competition.

First Prize

Light Climbing

With Light Climbing, maintaining rock climbing walls just became easier. Using LEDs, light sensors and laser pointers, maintenance of various routes on the walls can be very simple and effective without involving manual labor. It lasts longer and can enable night climbing too!

Second Prize


BitGrange is an automated hydroponic system which can be used to grow food in-house. Save money and improve your health by taking charge of your own food using BitGrange!

Third Prize


EZ-Lock is a simple solution to the problem of storing your bike locks. It reduces the time it takes to lock your bike on a stand and is a cool accessory on your bike!

The NanoWell: A Novel Approach To Drinking Water

The Nanowell is a novel approach to water harvesting. It uses simple principles to harvest water and empowers people to cater to their own needs for water.

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