2016 Showcase

2016 Engineering Project Showcase Wrap Up

The 2016 Showcase featured more than 130 team projects showcasing the work of over 700 engineering students. These projects include departmental capstone design projects from engineering departments across the Texas A&M University College of Engineering, multidisciplinary and vertically integrated team projects such as the AggiE_Challenge program, student design competitions and capstone projects.

News: Student innovations highlight 2016 Engineering Project Showcase

We wish to congratulate the winning teams. They are:
AwardProject TitleStudentsFaculty Sponsor
Best Capstone Design Award in BAEN Aquatics Robotics Lauren Nemec, Spencer Corry, James Veselka, Hunter Teel Dr. Gregory Stark
Best Capstone Design Award in BMEN (1/2) Noninvasive Hypoglycemia Monitoring System Andrew Sutter, Kelsey Hicks, Utashya Shah, Andrew Lipinski, Visesh Keerty Dr. John Hanks
Best Capstone Design Award in BMEN (2/2) Cinching Dual Anchor Sarah Gates Altieri, Jacob Heiner, Rebecca Sehnart, Robert Faries, Berkey Basagaoglu Dr. John Hanks
Best Capstone Design Award in ECEN (1/2) Ericsson Drone Signal Surveying Braeden Levine, Nicolas Bain, Kyle Sparrow, Yinwei Zhang Dr. Sam Villareal
Best Capstone Design Award in ECEN (2/2) Tactical Data System Randy Neal, Renito Ramirez, Kevin Wilkens, Raul de la Fuente Dr. Sam Villareal
Best Capstone Design Award in MEEN (1/2) Improvement of Consumer Ice Chest Hunter Strickland, Fengyi Fi, Tyler Buffington, Kevin Kleppe, Joshua Lockhart Dr. Noushin Amini
Best Capstone Design Award in MEEN (2/2) Smart Valve Monitoring System Joel Sam, Samuel Luedeker, Maxwell Snodgress, Shyla Escobedo, Jesse Yancy, Alex Schoening Dr. Noushin Amini
Best Capstone Design Award in ISEN Optimizing Territories and Vehicle Balance Plan for new UPS Hub Sarah Valero, Charles Bentz, Cody Keller, Robin Hall Dr. Erick Moreno
Best Capstone Design Award in ESET & Best Overall Capstone Design Award TSAT Communications Trent Tate, Dakotah Karrer, Vince Rodriguez, David Smith Mike Wiley
Best AggiE_Challenge Team Award Mitigation Methods for Accidental Offshore Spillages Monica Cuerno, Andrew Nguyen, Chang-Hyun Choi, Khuong Le, Matthew Carlin, Ehab Abo Deeb, Magy Avedissian, Nian Wei Tan Dr. Zhengdong Cheng
Best Award for Small Design Competition Teams The Nanowell Coleman Fincher, Jeffery Ott, Jeffy Ho, and Geoffrey Garner
Best Award for Large Design Competition Teams TAMU Hyperloop Team Ashley Harris, Matthew Connely, Dean Ellis, Lucas Mussina, Christian Sotello, Brian Hubbard, Michael Bayern, Sreekanth Reddy and Daniel Mullen Dr. Adonios Karpetis, Dr. Moble Benedict