Design Competitions

Check out the SpaceX Hyperloop Design Competition
January 29-30, 2016

Design competitions provide students with great opportunities to apply their engineering skills in solving real-world problems as part of a multidisciplinary team, while competing with the best teams across the nation. Teams consist of students from freshman to seniors and students participate in the project as part of an elective course or just volunteers. The experience of working in a real world multidisciplinary project provides students the opportunity to gain experience in

    • Skills beyond major
    • Teamwork
    • Communication skills
    • Project management

Furthermore, participants have opportunities to interact with industry mentors  and student teams across the nation and promote Texas A&M Engineering.

Below are examples of outstanding student teams who have represented the Texas A&M University College of Engineering in national student competitions. 


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Design Competitions

Design TeamsNational CompetitionsSpecial AchievementsFaculty AdvisorStudent Point of Contact

AggieSat 2 launched on STS-127 in March 2012

AggieSat 4 launched on OA-4 in December 2015

Dr. H. Reed (AERO)   
SAE AERO Design Team

SAE International - SAE Aero Design® West

1st Prize, 2014 Dr. S. Chakravorty (AERO) B. Russey
High Altitude Balloon Club          Dr. S.Girimaji (AERO) R. Venkatraman
Aggie Pullers

American Society for Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) - International 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition

5th Position, 2009



D. Arthur

Fountain Wars

ASABE - Fountain Wars Design Competition

1st Prize, 2008 & 2009 Ms. S. King (BAEN)    
Robotics Design

ASABE Robotics Competition

2nd Prize, 2014    J. Batz
ChemE-Car Competition

American Institute of Chemical Engineers ( AIChE ) - Chem-E-Car

"Most Creative Vehicle Design", 2013 Dr. M. Halwagi (CHEN)

A. Reisz

M. Stefanovic

Concrete Canoe American Society of Civil Engineers ( ASCE ) - Concrete Canoe Competition    Dr. G. Fry (CVEN)

C. Niemeyer

S. Clinard

Steel Bridge ASCE - National Student Steel Bridge Competition     Dr. G. Fry (CVEN)

M. Giglio

C. Davila

Formula SAE (FASE) Car

SAE International - Formula SAE® Lincoln

2nd Prize, 2014

Dr. T. Lalk (MEEN)

Dr. Y. Doron (MEEN)

Team Maroon Fish

BP - The Ultimate Field Trip

Finalists, 2014   

R. Storm

C. Fincher

D. Jaeger

Human Powered Submarine Foundation for Underwater Research and Education -International Submarine Races 5th Position, 2013 Dr. R. Randall (OCEN)

S. Clark

D. Patterson