Engineering Analysis Lab, Conference Rooms & Green Rooms

EIC Floor Plan

Other Areas

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Advanced Engineering Analysis Lab

Advanced Modeling Lab 4[6]
  1. Break Room
  2. Scheduled Labs
  3. Equipment Checkout
  4. Digital Video Recording Room
  5. Wet Lab
  6. Classroom
  7. Advanced Engineering Analysis Lab
  8. Main Lobby & Study Area
  9. Information Desk
  10. Conference Room (large)
  11. Conference Room (medium)

Classroom Spaces

  • Lecture Room 1 - 25 people, full multimedia computer with 60" HD monitor
  • Lecture Area 2 - class or special events for up to 50 people, full multimedia computer with two slaved 70" monitors, webcam

Fume Hood / Wet Lab

  • Contains 50" 2 stage negative pressure Fume hood with water, compressed air, nitrogen, CO2 and hydrogen gases
  • Includes chemical sink, glassware and acid storage
  • Requires supervision at all times

Information Desk

  • Technician available for immediate assistance

Equipment Check Out

  • Check out equipment, parts, obtain assistance and find the most up to date EIC information
  • 12 high-end workstations - 32GB
  • Nvidia K6000 video
  • 27" touchscreen monitors

Conference Room

Conference Rooms

  • 60" LED screen
  • White boards
  • Three rooms with capability to seat 14-20 people a room
  • Webex capability
Digital Room1
Green room

Digital Video Recording Room (Green Room)

  • Digital audio and video recording equipment
  • Green screen matting