Math Placement Exam

Freshmen admitted to the Dwight Look College of Engineering are required to take a math placement exam, which is designed to ensure adequate preparation in pre-calculus topics. The first required engineering math course is MATH 151 (Engineering Mathematics I). To register for this course, a student must have credit for, or already be registered in MATH 150 (Functions, Trigonometry and Linear Systems), or must score a 22 or greater on the Math Placement Exam.

Our experience indicates that a significant fraction of our incoming freshmen are not adequately prepared to succeed in MATH 151. The math placement exam is designed to identify incoming students who may be at risk in this course. For this group of students, which can represent 30% of our incoming freshman class, MATH 150 is required to better prepare these students for MATH 151, PHYS 218 and ENGR 111.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Math is my best subject in high school, and I even took an AP calculus course. Why am I required to first take a pre-calculus course? 
    First: EVERY engineering student can probably claim that math was his/her best subject; that’s probably why they are choosing to study engineering, and not English literature. However, not every one of these students is ready for the MATH 151 class. The mathematics sequence at TAMU is very fast paced and challenging. In addition, only engineering students (generally well prepared, bright and hard working) are enrolled in this class. A significant fraction of them do not pass this course.
  • If I take MATH 150 the first semester, will I be a semester behind? 
    No, students will take only one course that is not required; the other courses will be required courses. So you will be at most one course behind.
  • Will taking MATH 150 delay my graduation? 
    This represents one extra course; it should not delay graduation a whole semester.
  • Are the results of the math placement exam binding? 
  • I already have AP credit (or dual credit) for Calculus I. Can I be exempted from this test? 
    No, all incoming students are required to take this test. Credit for Calculus I does not necessarily ensure adequate preparation in precalculus topics.
  • Can I take the Math placement exam during my new student conference?
    No. You must take this exam at least 24 hours prior to your New Student Conference. Your test scores will be reported to you and your advisor. Your advisor will interpret these scores and use them to help determine which mathematics course you should take in your first semester at Texas A&M University.

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional answers to general questions we receive from newly admitted students.

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