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About EASA

Welcome to the Engineering Academic and Student Affairs (EASA) website! This site has been developed to provide information to anyone interested in the academic programs administered by the college of engineering at Texas A&M.

The mission of EASA is: "To further the mission of the college of engineering to recruit, retain and develop successful students to be leaders for the 21st Century."

To achieve this mission, we collaborate with students, faculty, staff, administrators and employers to:

  • Promote multidisciplinary academic experiences for all college of engineering students, especially during the first year.
  • Cultivate environments that welcome and value diversity.
  • Offer programs and support services to strengthen lifelong learning skills necessary for student success.
  • Develop strategic partnerships for recruiting outstanding students.
  • Provide opportunities for college of engineering students to become global leaders.

EASA is the academic dean's office for the college of engineering. EASA handles the day-to-day, academic-related business for the undergraduate and graduate programs within the college.

EASA also coordinates some outstanding programs for pre-college and current students. These include recruitment, retention and enrichment programs, undergraduate research programs, as well as targeted programs for women, minority and honors students.

The EASA office is located in the Engineering Activities Building at the corner of Lamar Street and Spence Street. 

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