Distinguished Lecture Series

Each year the Department of Computer Science and Engineering invites prominent computer scientists and computer engineers to visit Texas A&M and speak about their research. This distinguished lecture series is sponsored by academia and industry.

Reception Invitation: Everyone is invited to attend an open reception for the guest speaker immediately preceding or following the lecture.

2016-2017 Distinguished Lecture Series

October 2016

26 Wednesday - 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Doug Carmean, Microsoft Research
Faculty Contact: Aakash Tyagi, tyagi@cse.tamu.edu

December 2016

7 Wednesday - 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Nikos Papanikolopoulos, University of Minnesota
Faculty Contact: Nancy M. Amato, amato@cse.tamu.edu

2015-2016 Distinguished Lecture Series

September 2015

7 Monday - 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Leonidas J.Guibas, Stanford University
Networks of Shapes and Images
Faculty Contacts: John Keyser, keyser@cse.tamu.edu, and Scott Schaefer, schaefer@cse.tamu.edu

November 2015

30 Monday - 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Pradeep Dubey, Intel
Looking Beyond Exaflops & Zettabytes
Faculty Contacts: Lawrence Rauchwerger, rwerger@cse.tamu.edu, and Aakash Tyagi, tyagi@cse.tamu.edu

December 2015

7 Monday - 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Eugene H. Spafford, Purdue University
Truth and Consequences
Faculty Contact: Daniel Ragsdale, rags@tamu.edu

February 2016

15 Monday - 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Kathleen Fisher, Tufts University
Using Formal Methods to Eliminate Exploitable Bugs
Faculty Contacts: Nancy M. Amato, amato@tamu.edu, and Daniel Ragsdale, rags@tamu.edu

March 2016

9 Wednesday - 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Jean-Luc Gaudiot, University of California - Irvine
Technology Considerations in Computer Architecture
Faculty Contact: Lawrence Rauchwerger, rwerger@cse.tamu.edu

2014-2015 Distinguished Lecture Series

September 2014

8 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Vivek Sarkar, Rice University
Hybrid Programming Challenges for Extreme Scale Software
Faculty contact: Lawrence Rauchwerger, rwerger@cse.tamu.edu

October 2014

27 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Current Trends in Parallel Numerical Computing and Challenges for the Future
Faculty Contact: Lawrence Rauchwerger, rwerger@cse.tamu.edu

January 2015

21 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 2005 Emerging Technologies Building)
Ruzena Bajcsy, University of California, Berkeley
Cyber-Physical Systems with Human in the Loop
Faculty Contact: Nancy Amato, amato@cse.tamu.edu

March 2015

25 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Klara Nahrstedt, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Impact of Software-Defined Networks on Next Generation Real-Time Applications
Faculty Contact: Lawrence Rauchwerger, rwerger@cse.tamu.edu

30 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
John A. Stankovic, University of Virginia
Technical Solutions Underlying Wireless Health Systems
Faculty Contact: Radu Stoleru, stoleru@cse.tamu.edu

April 2015

27 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Douglas C. SchmidtVanderbilt University
Elastic Software Infrastructure to Support Computing Clouds for Cyber-Physical Systems
Faculty Contact: Riccardo Bettati, bettati@cse.tamu.edu

2013-2014 Distinguished Lecture Series

October 2013

14 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Keshav Pingali, University of Texas, Austin
CSE Distinguished Lecturer
Open Reception in the atrium outside room 124, immediately following Dr. Pingali's presentation
Parsing with Pictures

March 2014

31 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Steven M. Drucker, Microsoft Research
CSE Distinguished Lecturer
Open Reception in the atrium outside room 124, immediately following Dr. Drucker's presentation
Dealing with your Digital Stuff: Managing Digital Collections

May 2014

Yale N. Patt, The University of Texas at Austin

2 Fri. 11:00 a.m. (Rm 2005 Emerging Technologies Building)
The correct FIRST course in computing for serious students

2 Fri. 4:00 p.m. (Rm 2005 Emerging Technologies Building)
Parallelism: A Serious Goal or a Silly Mantra (... and what else is needed for the Microprocessor of 2024)
Open Reception immediately following Dr. Patt's 4:00pm presentation

9 Fri. 10:20 a.m. (Rm 169 Blocker) 
Judea Pearl, UCLA
CSE Distinguished Lecturer
The Science of Cause and Effect

This lecture is jointly sponsored by Conflict and Development, the Department of Agricultural Economics, and the Department of Statistics.

2012-2013 Distinguished Lecture Series

April 2013

Dr. Richard M. Karp, UC Berkeley

8 Mon. 4:00pm (Room 1105, Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building)
Algorithms in Molecular Biology

9 Tues. 4:00pm (Room 2005, Emerging Technologies Building)
Theory of Computation as a Lens on the Sciences

These lectures are jointly sponsored by the Maxson Lecture Series in the Department of Mathematics. The receptions on Monday and Tuesday are co-sponsored by the Institute for Applied Math and Computational Science and the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, respectively.

2011-2012 Distinguished Lecture Series

October 2011

28 Fri. 4:10pm (Geren Auditorium, Langford Architecture Center Building B)
Dr. Steve Swanson, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
General Updates and Mission Details from NASA

November 2011

21 Mon. Nov. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Kunle Olukotun, Stanford University
Taming Heterogeneous Parallelism with Domain Specific Languages

January 2012

23 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Elisa Bertino, Purdue University
Protecting Information Systems from Insider Threats - Concepts and Issues

February 2012

15 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Lance Fortnow, Northwestern University
Bounding Rationality by Computational Complexity

March 2012

2 Fri. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Ragunathan "Raj" Rajkumar, Carnegie Mellon University
Cyber-Physical Systems: A Convergence of Engineering and Computer Science

2010-2011 Distinguished Lecture Series

October 2010

13 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Alexander A. Shvartsman, University of Connecticut
Distributed Cooperation and Adversity: Complexity Trade-Offs

November 2010

3 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Dilma Da Silva, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Memory Overcommitment for Cloud Environments

January 2011

24 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Xavier Leroy, The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA)
The CompCert formally verified compiler

February 2011

23 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Ken Goldberg, University of California, Berkeley
Power to the People: Robots and Representational Democracy

April 2011

18 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Dinesh Manocha, University of North Carolina
Interactive Sound Rendering

2009-2010 Distinguished Lecture Series

November 2009

11 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Brian Marcus, University of British Columbia
Computing the Entropy of Two-dimensional Shifts of Finite Type

February 2010

15 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Srinivas Aluru, Iowa State University
The new era in genomics: Opportunities and challenges for high performance computing

March 2010

ECE Leaders and Innovators series
30 Tue. 3:55pm (Rm 103B Zachry)
Dr. Yale N. Patt, University of Texas at Austin
Multi-core, Many-core, Mega-nonsense

31 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Yale N. Patt, University of Texas at Austin
High Performance Microprocessors ten years from now: What are the problems? How do we solve them?

April 2010

7 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Fran Allen, IBM T. J. Watson Research Laboratory
The Challenge of the Multicores

2008-2009 Distinguished Lecture Series

November 2008

17 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Burton J. Smith Microsoft
Reinventing Computing

January 2009

21 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Ben Shneiderman University of Maryland
Information Visualization for Knowledge Discovery

26 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos University of Minnesota
Camera Networks for Security Applications

February 2009

2 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Jim Larus Microsoft Research
Spending Moore's Dividend

25 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Peter Freeman Emeritus Dean and Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, and (Former) Assistant Director, National Science Foundation
Science, Computational Science, and Computer Science

2007-2008 Distinguished Lecture Series

October 2007

1 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Mark D. Hill, The University of Wisconsin-Madison
Log-Based Transactional Memory

November 2007

5 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Jin-Yi Cai, The University of Wisconsin-Madison
Developments in Holographic Algorithms

28 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. William A. Wulf, University of Virginia
Supporting U.S. Innovation and Prosperity in the 21st Century

February 2008

18 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. John C. Hart, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Assistive Technology for the Aesthetically Impaired

27 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Elaine Weyuker AT&T Labs, Florham Park, NJ
If You Knew Where All the Bugs Were ...

March 2008

19 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Siddhartha Chatterjee, IBM Austin Research Laboratory
TM and the Art of Parallel Programming

April 2008

28 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Dr. Josep Torrellas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Multiprocessor Architectures for Speculative Multithreading

2006-2007 Distinguished Lecture Series

September 2006

4 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Bud Mishra, Courant Institute, NYU School of Medicine, & Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Dude, Where is my genome? Past, Present and Future of Genomics Technologies

27 Wed. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Manish Gupta, IBM
Massively Parallel Systems: Ready or Not, Here They Come

December 2006

4 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB)
Michael T. Goodrich, University of California, Irvine
Efficiency and Security Issues for Distributed Data Structures

March 2007

19 Mon. 4:10pm (Rm 124 HRBB) (tentative)
Rosalind W. Picard, Director, Affective Computing Research Group; Co-Director, Things that Think Consortium, M.I.T. Media Laboratory
Emotional Intelligence Technology and the Death of Clippy