CSCE 681: Graduate Seminar

All graduate seminars are held from 4:10 p.m. to 5:25 p.m. in room 124 HRBB unless otherwise noted below. Students registering for the seminar can find the requirements to receive credit here. Please join us for this open seminar! 

Spring 2017 CSCE 681 Graduate Seminars


18 - Wednesday
Ergun Akleman, Texas A&M University
Shape Algebras in Computer Graphics
Faculty Contact: Lawrence Rauchwerger

23 - Monday

Kui Ren, University of Buffalo
My Smartphone Knows What You Print: Exploring Smartphone-based Side-channel Attacks Against 3D Printers
Faculty Contact: Guofei Gu

25 - Wednesday CSE Distinguished Lecture
Haesun Park, Georgia Tech
Open reception in the atrium outside room 124, immediately following Dr. Park's presentation. 
Constrained Low Rank Approximations for Scalable Data Analytics
Faculty Contact: Nick Duffield

30 - Monday - CSE Distinguished Lecture
Vipin Kumar, University of Minnesota
Big Data in Climate: Opportunities and Challenges for Machine Learning and Data Mining
Faculty Contact: Nick Duffield


1 - Wednesday
Vladimir Lumelsky, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Human-Robot Interaction and Whole-Body Robot Sensing
Faculty Contact: Nancy M. Amato

6 - Monday
Claudia Medeiros, UNICAMP
Experiments in eScience – repeatability and reproducibility
Faculty Contact: Dilma Da Silva

8 - Wednesday - CSE Distinguished Lecture
Charles Leiserson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Open reception in the atrium outside room 124, immediately following Dr. Leiserson's presentation. 
The Resurgence of Software Performance Engineering
Faculty Contact: Lawrence Rauchwerger

13 - Monday - CSE Distinguished Lecture
Tom Ball, Microsoft Research
Open reception in the atrium outside room 124, immediately following his presentation.
Physical Computing for Everyone
Faculty Contact: Jeff Huang

15 - Wednesday
Metin Sezgin, Koc University
Psychology and Intelligent User Interaction
Faculty Contact: Tracy Hammond

22 - Wednesday
Robert Gregg, University of Texas at Dallas
Towards unified control of prosthetic legs with human-inspired phasing and task adaptations
Faculty Contact: Roozbeh Jafari

27 - Monday
Juan Garay, Yahoo Research
The Bitcoin Backbone Protocol: Analysis and Applications
Faculty Contact: Guofei Gu


6 - Monday
Taylor Johnson, Vanderbilt University
Real-Time Reachability for Safety of Autonomous Systems
Faculty Contact: Dylan Shell

8 - Wednesday
Anandi Dutta, Texas A&M University
A Smart Design Framework for a Novel Reconfigurable Multi-processor Systems-on-Chip (ASREM) Architecture
Faculty Contact: Nancy M. Amato

21 - Tuesday
Eminent Scholar Lecture Series
Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee
Current Trends in High-Performance Computing and Future Challenges
Faculty Contact: Nancy M. Amato

29 - Wednesday
Thamar Solorio, University of Houston
Cracking the Code on Style
Faculty Contact: Ruihong Huang


5 - Wednesday
Henry Sagerman, Oklahoma State University
Faculty Contact: Ergun Akleman

10 - Monday
Gus Espinosa, Intel
Functional Safety for Software-Defined Autonomous Platforms
Faculty Contact: Aakash Tyagi

12 - Wednesday
Klaus Mueller, Stony Brook University
Big Data Visual Analytics
Faculty Contact: Yoonsuck Choe

17 - Monday
Zoran Obradovic
Faculty Contact: Nick Duffield

24 - Monday
Jason O'Kane, University of South Carolina
Faculty Contact: Dylan Shell