William Lively (1941 - 2013)

Professor Emeritus

Image of Mac Lively

Research Interests

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer-Human Interaction

Awards & Honors

  • SMU Distinguished Alumnus Award, 2007
  • Outstanding Faculty Advisor to CORPS of Cadets, Texas A&M University, 1997-1998
  • ACM/IEEE Outstanding Service Award, 1986


  • Ph.D., Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, Southern Methodist University, 1971

Selected Publications

Yen, J., S.H. Teh, and W. M. Lively, “Principled Modeling and Automatic Classification for Enhancing the Reusability of Problem Solving Methods of Expert Systems,” International Journal of Applied Intelligence, 1997.

Mitta, Deborah, Catherine Delk, W.M. Lively, “Selecting System Functionality’s for Interface Evaluation,” Human Factors, vol. 37, no. 4, pp. 817 - 834, Dec., 1995.

Lively, W. M. and M. Lease, “Undergraduate Software Engineering Lab Experiences,” International Journal of Engineering Education, vol. 11, no. 4 & 5, pp. 277 - 283, 1995.

Childs, S. B., D. Dunn and W.M. Lively, “Teaching CS/1 Courses in a Literate Manner,” TEX Users Group Conference, St. Petersburg, FL, July, 1995.